Are you summer ready? Summer is on the horizon and it feels so good to notice the longer days and the warmer weather. We can all feel like we go into hibernation mode, especially when it comes to our bodies during the winter.

So now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting yourself summer ready for warmer months ahead. This isn’t all about having a bikini body. This is more about feeling good within yourself.

If you feel good, then that will radiate out, and you will look just as amazing. It’s all about being responsible with your diet and keeping up the motivation to exercise.

But how can you get yourself ready for summer. It is actually simpler than you think. Here are some of the steps that you can take to get yourself summer ready.

Summer Ready #1 Start with your skin

As we have been in the depths of Winter, it’s understandable that our skin takes a bit of a back seat. But, in theory, during the winter our skin is much more exposed to the elements causing it to be dry and un-nurtured.

summer ready

So now is the time to give your daily skincare routine a bit of a revamp. Maybe there is a brand you have been wanted to try, or perhaps you need to stock up on some old favourites. It could be worth checking out websites like SkinDoctors for some tips and advice.

Now is the time to get ahead with it all and give your skin some TLC. Regular cleansing and moisturizing can work wonders for the way you look.

Glowing skin always gives the impression of great health and body confidence.

Summer Ready #2 The perfect time for a detox

A detox is an excellent way to rid your body of toxins and bad substances. During the winter months, we tend to hibernate a little and enjoy a few more junk meals than we would perhaps like.

So a detox is a great way to start as you mean to go on. It’s then important to create a balanced diet. Crash dieting or doing things in an extreme way is never good for you, but eating healthy will always get you the results you are after.

summer ready

Perhaps changing things for alternatives would be a good place to start. However, don’t be tempted to do anything to extreme when it comes to diet.

Extreme diet may give you result initially, but they are often unsustainable in the long term.

Focus on nourishing your body with the food it needs to function and feel healthy. A balanced diet will still give you amazing results.

Summer Ready #3 Increase your intake of water

Water is such a healthy staple to any diet, but most of us don’t drink anywhere near enough of it. So trying to increase your water intake would be a great boost to your health and the way you look.

summer ready

Hydrating your body can help with the way your skin looks, reduce bags or dark areas under your eyes, and naturally detox your body daily. Water can also help with things such as sleep quality and your mood, so generally it is an all rounder.

It is recommended to drink at least two litres of water a day, but that can be quite hard to do. So you may want to remind yourself by keeping a water bottle close at hand.

Summer Ready #4 Keep up with regular exercise

Taking exercise regularly will always keep your body in shape. But again during the winter, this can sometimes be put to the back of your mind. It’s colder; you don’t feel like it as much.

summer ready

It’s natural, and we can all get in that slump sometimes. So use the brighter nights and better weather to get out exercise more. You will feel much more motivated.

Don’t feel like you need to be in a gym every night. Being active can mean joining in with an exercise class once a week, walking your dog each day or even things like taking the stairs instead of a lift.

Summer Ready #5 Get more sleep

Finally, try and increase the amount of sleep you get. Even though it is tempting to stay up later as the nights are lighter.

Your body uses your sleep time to rejuvenate itself, so make sure you take advantage of that and get your rest.

summer ready

Getting more sleep, or a better quality of sleep can also help you to feel happier in yourself the following day. A positive mindset can help you to feel good on the inside as well as the outside.

Let’s hope these tips help you get ready for the summer months ahead.