Australians choose to spend as much time as they can outdoors. So make the most of the summer autumn transition with some great ideas for entertaining at home and ways to psycologically enjoy the change of seasons.

Whether it’s a balcony, courtyard or garden Australians will cook in it, lie in it, dig in it, entertain friends in it, play cricket in it… you name it. Home lovers want the use of outdoor areas to last for as many months as possible. So why is an outdoor summer autumn transition so important? Well, it’s about enjoying your outdoors as much as effectively using the space so these tips will help you do just that.

summer autumn transition firepit

Colour: An easy way to enjoy the summer autumn transition vibe is by changing the colours of your textiles – cushions, tablecloth, and accessories. In the summer, blues and greens are restful and cooling, but as autumn beckons and the temperature drops, exchanging cool colours for warm colours will have a positive psychological effect.

Look for coordinating hues in mustard, orange, caramel, rust, and winter white or peacock hues including deep bronze and gold. Block colours in different tones work well although plaid and leaf motifs will add autumnal texture to your outdoor décor.

summer autumn transition

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summer autumn transition

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summer autumn transition

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Add texture with faux-fur, mohair or cool wool throws placed on the back of chairs and sofas. They look good and are useful to wrap around the shoulders of your guests when the summer autumn transition air gets cooler.

Pergola: Useful virtually all year ‘round, a well-designed and constructed pergola will add great value to your home. Use a reputable company such as Additions Building who will design the perfect pergola for your budget, needs and landscape.

The summer autumn transition means adding some warmth for cooler nights. In the same way changing to warmer colours will add the essence of warmth, consider adding a rug under your outdoor dining setting. This will give the appearance of warmth whilst also helping to retain some heat from gas or other heating.

summer autumn transition pergola

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Pergolas are also perfect for keeping a display of potted plants and colorful succulents. As gardens start to hibernate for the winter, container gardening is a stylish way to keep some plant life flourishing while you enjoy the outdoors. And if you have stairs leading to decking, place small colourful pots on each step.

summer autumn transition pergola with succulents

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summer autumn transition tealight candles

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Lighting: Days will start to get shorter. Even if the air is warm you’ll need extra lighting to continue to enjoy the outdoors. If you have paved paths or raised garden beds trimmed in stone, scattered tealights are romantic and useful. Ensure you place tealights well away from shrubbery tho.

Make use of the daylight to charge-up solar lighting that can be placed along paths, wrapped around trees or dangled in lengths from the fascia boards. Colourful Chinese paper lanterns are also perfect for hanging in trees or under a pergola.

summer autumn transition lanterns in trees

summer autumn transition lighting

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If you are redesigning your garden, consider up-lighting which will cast a beautiful glow from under plants, trees and water features. When you continue to use your outdoors from summer to autumn you will welcome the beauty of such added elements.

summer autumn transition lit pool

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Heating: Pizza ovens can get too hot for summer but are wonderful in autumn. Not only can you cook a delicious array of food but the heat will warm up partially enclosed outdoor areas… or just stand close.

If you have gas heating that you haven’t used over summer, get it checked out to ensure your units are in optimum working order.

summer autumn transition pizza oven

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Composting and Raised Vege Gardens. The summer autumn transition is also good for establishing a compost regime or building a raised vege garden. There are a variety of options from simple stand-alone compost bins to a built-for-purpose solution.

summer autumn transition raised vege garden

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Consider what you need to compost – garden prunings, kitchen scraps, lawn clippings – and how much space you need for a raised vege garden. You can also screen off compost bins and vege gardens from your entertaining area with a louvre, slat or shuttered screen. Talk to you local hardware store or even a builder if you need a professional and integrated solution.

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