Stylish TV storage is a modern issue as televisions become bigger, albeit thinner, and homes become more open plan. If you’ve ever wondered how to stylishly display or hide your TV these three chic ideas will inspire you.

When it comes to interior design, we all have a tendency to focus on the big picture. We want to step back into a room and be delighted with what we see. If we have a love of all things modern, then we want to see sharp lines and glossy services. If it’s rustic that makes us smile, then bare wood and industrial LED lights are the requirements.

In the midst of all this, we have to fit in the items that allow us to live our lives as we know it, which means connected to the internet which likely means, television.

Let’s focus on the living room, as it tends to be the room in the house that everyone uses the most. What are your interior design ideals for your living room? Do you love the idea of a big couch, complete with as many slogan cushions as you can possibly fit onto it? Or do you focus on wall art that tells the story of your life and loves?

What you probably don’t pay much heed to is the need to fit in the essentials, such as a televison, consoles, and the associated remote controls.

stylish tv storage

Let’s face it: these items aren’t aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we need stylish TV storage because few of us would choose a big, black rectangle to take up part of the room. We have it there because we love it; it’s an essential part of our relaxation. Nothing is better than a night in front of the TV, having cracked how to get American Netflix, with a bowl of homemade popcorn at our side.

So the TV has to be in the room, even though it’s cumbersome, and threatens to ruin your colour scheme. As for consoles, they can be even more problematic. Trailing wires and controllers stacked haphazardly – it’s not quite the luxurious and elegant feel you were aiming for.

So when it comes to fitting these items into your overall design, how can you make it work?

Stylish TV Storage Solution #1: Make Them Float

By hanging a TV directly onto the wall using brackets or installing floating shelves, you’re guaranteeing these items dominate as little space as possible. The shelves can look particularly neat, especially if you paint them the same colour as the wall. Or you can create more of a design feature by having different coloured shelves or a chic combination of paint and wood. Use canvas storage boxes on said shelves to hide any ugly cables. Similar entertainment units are available at Zanui, so give them a try.

stylish tv storage

Stylish TV Storage Solution #2: Hide Them

If you have a bit more of a budget to play with, hide your TV behind a screen or built-in doors. If you have an even bigger budget, have the screen electronically programmed to lower at the press of a button – though a manual version works just as well. This allows the TV only to be visible when it’s in use, with the rest of the aesthetic left as you intended.

stylish tv storage

Stylish TV Storage Solution #3: Use Integrated, Cube Storage

A TV is less dominant if it’s part of an overall cube storage system. Rather than being a focal point, it just becomes part of a more interesting design unit. Complete the look by adding decorative touches like LED spotlights and ornaments in the surrounding cubes, blending everything together.

stylish tv storage

stylish tv storage

Recommended Suppliers

Order bespoke, handmade furniture made by craftsmen to your specifications from Brosa Furniture for a classic look or Icon By Design for a Scandinavian feel.

To buy living room furniture and entertainment units direct from the floor, and often at sale prices, try Pottery Barn, April & Oak, Zanui, or Temple & Webster for gorgeous living room accessories and lighting.