A stylish splashback is a relative newcomer to modern kitchen design. There are several options but can you do-it-yourself?

Once you’ve designed your perfect kitchen, you may notice one thing that’s missing behind the stove or hob; a stylish splashback. Having a splashback protects your walls from food splashing on it whilst making an attractive feature in the room.

However, splashbacks are not the sole preserve of wall space behind the stove. Now, a stylish splashback will take up an entire wall – and look fabulous doing it.

stylish splashback

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Whether you decide on kitchen splashback tiles or a glass splashback, you’ll need to know the best way to install it.

DIY Installation of A Stylish Splashback

What Type of Glass will I Need to Use?

Toughened glass is essential for the kitchen. It will need to be fixed on the wall with screw fixings, so you’ll need to buy one with pre-drilled holes.

Stylish Splashback Plan For The Kitchen

Measure and mark up where you want your splashback to go. If you are purchasing it from a splashback provider, get them to check measure the area and advise on how best to fit it. They can then go away and create the prefect piece for you.

Types of Splashback Fixings

There are two different methods of fixing a glass splashback to a wall:

  •         Screw fixing
  •         Adhesive fixing

Splashback screw fixing or mirror fixing

Prepare the Wall and Check its Condition

Make sure the wall or substrate is in good condition and that all wallpaper, paint, tiels, and glue has been removed from previous installations before you begin work. The surface needs to be completely flat and smooth.

Clean the Wall Surface

Once you’ve prepared the surface make sure it is free of any debris and dust. If you are using adhesive on the plaster, you’ll need to seal the plaster first.

stylish splashback

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How to Install a Glass Splashback

Fixing Using Adhesive

Position the glass in place to check it fits perfectly. Once you’ve size it up, place it on a flat surface. Add on the adhesive and place it flush against the wall. Prop up the bottom of the splashback as the glue dries so it doesn’t slide down the wall. Once dry, you can remove the item you used to prop it up and the splashback is ready to use.

Fixing Using Screws

Mark or drill any holes to begin with by placing the splashback on the wall and marking where the holes are on the wall. Once you know that the splashback fits, you can drill the holes ready for installation.

Once you are ready, lift the splashback up against the wall. You will possibly need another person to help you hold the piece in position as you fix it on.

stylish splashback

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Starting at the edges from left to right, screw in each of the fixing screws you have. Avoid the temptation to use an electric drill or driver because you could risk cracking the glass if the screws run too tight. Hand tighten each screw to avoid any issues, this will take longer but it is better than breaking your splashback and having to fork out for a new one.

Once you’ve tightened all the screws until there is no movement, you are done!

You can now enjoy cooking all of your favourite soups, pastas and tomato dishes without the worry of getting food all over your walls.