A stylish small garden can be achieved in even the tiniest of outdoor spaces. Whilst we may all want a large green space in which to relax, if it’s not possible then small can still be stylish, colourful and functional.

If you were born with green fingers you may already grow your own flowers and vegetables. However, in a stylish small garden you will need to get creative about maximising the space..

You can still have a lawn or a patio where you can relax on summer nights, and a space to grow your favorite fruit and vegetables.

A Stylish Small Garden Has… Raised Flower Beds

You can create these in the corner or by your garden fence. There are some great tips for raised garden bed available online, so you can get some inspiration from bloggers and home magazines.

stylish small garden

The flower bed doesn’t even have to be big, or take away half your small garden, but you can make the most out of the combination of colors and shapes. Fill your garden with scented flowers that fill the senses with joy.

A Stylish Small Garden Loves… Vertical Gardening

When you have limited space, vertical gardening is an excellent solution. From a trellis to climbing plants that grow on your pergola or fence, there are plenty of ways you can make your small space greener.

stylish small garden

For a DIY solution, use an old ladder and upcycle it to create a vertical display of your plants in the garden and surround your patio with nature.

A Stylish Small Garden Favours…  A Greenhouse

When making the most of a small space, consider installing a small greenhouse and grow your favorite plants all year.

stylish small garden

Buy great quality and solar powered heaters so you will always have healthy plants such as cherry tomatoes or strawberries. Adding fresh herbs to your meals will make a huge difference to flavours, and encourage you to eat more healthily too.

Have You Tried Square Yard Gardening?

When you are looking to grow a variety of plants in a small space, you will need to check out square yard gardening. It is a simple technique of helping you make the most out of your small space and utilizing the soil available.

Divide a square yard space into nine different sections. Plant various vegetables and crops ensuring you can reach them from outside the box.

When you have nine different plants or herbs on only one square yard, you will always be able to pick something fresh during the summer.

A Stylish Small Garden Needs… Hanging Baskets

If you would like to create a warm and contemporary garden, you might be thinking about adding hanging baskets to your patio or your doorway, These are great if you maintain them well.

However, be sure that you are taking care of water retaining features and don’t expose the plants to direct heat and sunlight. You can plant almost anything in hanging baskets; strawberries, beans, or even flowers.

stylish small garden

Check the quality of the soil regularly, and change your plants when they reach the end of their blooming period.

When your garden is not as big as you wish it was, you will need to think outside of the box. Get creative and find a way to make the most out of the available space without compromising the leisure area of your garden.