All of us crave a comfy and stylish home. But, when you think about all the renovations and expenses that come with sprucing up your house, you start to think about whether it’s worth it.

Luckily, there are small changes that will create a big impact without splurging. Here comes your stylish home without a big budget.

Create an accent wall

If you want to create a big change for very little money and time, you should give your space an accent wall. This is a great way to bring your stylish home to life in one day and for only a few dollars.

stylish home

However, if you want to make your efforts worth it, there are a few things to keep in mind. While any wall can work as an accent wall, it’s best to choose your space around the mantle, your built-in shelving or the headboard.

Another thing to consider is your color palette. While many people choose bright pain, just know that it’s not your only option. Dark neutrals or contrasting materials (think wallpapers, tiles or wood paneling) are also excellent choices.

Update your window treatments

stylish home

This is another home element that tends to go overlooked. So, if you keep your windows covered with only simple blinds for privacy, it’s time to do something extra for your curb appeal.

Go bold with geometric curtains or minimalist with bamboo shades, but don’t leave your windows plain.

Updating your window treatment will not only boost your comfort and privacy but also add a whole new layer of decoration to your home!

Illumine with new lighting

A poorly lit space will always look small, cramped and uncomfortable, so make sure to bring plenty of light into your stylish home.

There are many cheap and practical ways to brighten up the space with lights, from simple ones like buying a lamp to more complicated ones like replacing all your out-dated ceiling fixtures with attractive hanging pendants.

stylish home

Thanks to their sculptural look, your new lights will double as accent pieces and provide your space with interest.

While you can just place your lamp on the floor, pendant installation might require professional help. However, today’s electricians will handle your job in no time and charge very little.

Boost outdoor comfort

stylish home

Most people concentrate too much on their interiors and completely neglect their outdoor spaces.

However, if you have plenty of space in your backyard, don’t let it go to waste! Use it as an extension of your interior and provide it with plenty of comforts.

If you have a small bathroom that doesn’t satisfy your pampering needs, you can invest in a 2 person outdoor spa for your backyard to boost its usability, comfort and fun. Spas are perfect for relaxing in the evening with your partner, but they also add a note of sophistication to your backyard parties.

Surround your spa with a couple of loungers and a sunshade and you’ll create a perfectly chic relaxation station in your home!

Add textures to your space

This is an especially great tip for all you minimalists out there. By adding textures, you don’t have to stuff your home full of items and colors to achieve an interesting design.

A few accent pillows in varying fabrics, a throw over your sofa and a woven basket for storage will do the trick and give your space plenty of depth.

If you prefer a modern vibe, you can also use metal accents and introduce different finishes to your stylish home.

Improve your first impressions

stylish home

If you want to wow all if your guests and passers-by, do something about your weathered entrance. For only a few bucks you can give your front door a new shine with a fresh coat of paint. You can also treat visitors with safety and comfort with improved stairs and railing and some motion-sensor lighting.

If you’re only in for the smallest improvements, replace your house number with something chic and modern and give your mailbox a new look.

These updates will definitely not break your bank even though they leave big impressions. So, give your home some love this spring and instantly boost the style and comfort of your space.