When you think of a stylish home, you might imagine bachelor pads and trendy flats owned by working professionals. You might not think that family homes can be sleek and polished in the same way as many modern households, but your home can be fabulously stylish too.

In fact, a well-designed + stylish home should be the goal for any homeowner. The appearance of your home affects the way you feel. So, let’s talk about three ways to start making your home stylish yet family-friendly.

A Stylish Home Will Have A Spacious Living Environment

Clutter is not stylish, and it’s also not comfortable. So, decluttering your home is important to create a warm and welcoming family home. You don’t have to get rid of belongings which hold sentimental or practical value; the goal is to sell or give away possessions which you no longer use or even want.

stylish home
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That’s how you’ll start to create a spacious living environment. You can start to transform your house into a stylish home just by clearing out your clutter

Of course, you could also create a spacious living environment by improving your storage space. Obviously, unless you pay for an extension project, you can’t make your property physically bigger. Still, as you’ll see once you start to declutter, your household is probably much larger than you initially imagined.

Use the available space in each room more appropriately to make your house feel more spacious. Shelving and dual-purpose furniture with in-built drawers and lids help to store your possessions more smartly. This will create a more open and welcoming home for you and your family.

A Stylish Home Loves A Tidy Garden

Tidying up your garden will make your home stylish and family-friendly fairly quickly. Any outdoor area can become a wonderful relaxation zone for the entire family if designed well. Mowing the lawn and planting some fresh flowers could make your back yard more visually appealing, for starters.

stylish home

For a beautifully designed and integrated indoor/outdoor living space, contact Plush Design Interiors to help you. Specialists in floor plan re-design, additions and 3D perspectives, PDI will add value and style to your existing home.

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If you and your family feel deterred from using your garden because of insects such as wasps, then you might want to look into wasp removal services. That would make your outdoor space feel more welcoming. Tidying up your garden will create a more stylish and family-friendly area for you to enjoy.

A Stylish Home Has A Focal Point In Every Room.

Statement pieces will add character and personality to your home. Visually captivating items, such as rugs and chandeliers, add WOW factor and individuality.

A beautiful art piece, for example, can create a colourful and intriguing focal point in a room. A well-designed home will naturally be family-friendly. You don’t have to create a show home that’s lacking in personality just to hop on the latest trends.

stylish home

Combine practicality and style by replacing worn-out sofas with stylish and comfortable leather sofas or sectionals. Furnishings can be focal points. You don’t have to separate functional and aesthetic pieces in your home.

Importantly, live with what you love. Create a stylish, functional and unique home that tells your own personal story.