As seasons change, a stylish bedroom makeover may be on the top of your redecorating list. But with so many ideas, where do you start?

The bedroom is one of those rare places in the world where you can relax completely and forget about all your worries and stress. However, if you want to make your safe haven even more comfortable, stylish and chic try employing these design tips during your next stylish bedroom makeover.

stylish bedroom makeover

Refresh your walls

If you want to start your stylish bedroom makeover by creating a focus on your walls, you’re making a great first step.

Of course, the bedroom should be your private getaway made to your liking, so opt for colours that make you feel calm and secure.

However, if you need some help with the palette, you’ll not go wrong with any natural and neutral colours like sage, forest, navy and taupe.

Also, decorating your walls with inspirational art and original paintings can help you start your day on the right note.

stylish bedroom makeover

Cosy up your bed

When you’re designing a stylish bedroom makeover make sure you pay extra attention to the star of the show – your bed.

It should take a central stage of the room, but also provide you with maximum comfort. One awesome way to spruce up your bed is to add a few soft decorative pillows.

Stack a few throw pillows on top of your bed and they will instantly make your bedroom look like a 5-star hotel room. You can also boost the comfort by investing in a new headboard.

Fabric headboards upholstered with plush velvet or glamourous satin are all the rage right now. They make any space look and feel warm and cosy.

stylish bedroom makeover

Look down!

Even though floors aren’t usually used as a focal point of your bedroom, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a role to play.

Most people opt for rugs because of the softness and warmth they provide. However, stay away from old-fashioned wall-to-wall carpets. They have a tendency to make the room feel boxed in and stuffy; plus they are quite hard to keep clean.

Probably the most attractive flooring design is the combination of hardwood and rugs. Hardwood has always been synonymous with natural beauty and elegance, while rugs and sheepskins have a tendency to give hardwood floors a bit of warmth and softness.

This truly is a perfect combination for any stylish bedroom makeover.

stylish bedroom makeover

Update your wardrobe

If you’re always struggling with storage space in your bedroom, you must update your wardrobe. Retire your old and bulky closet and replace it with something much more practical and stylish.

Today, most people opt for walk-in closets, especially in urban environments with more contemporary homes like Australia’s.

So, catch up on the trend and check out some built in wardrobes in Brisbane. They fit in with any interior design and provide you with a clean, uncluttered and elegant space.

Another, much more casual storage option is to get an open-style closet. This option allows you to display all your clothes and accessories on hanging rods and shelves and practically use your wardrobe for decoration.

This option is great for extremely casual bedrooms and those with very little space.

stylish bedroom makeover

Treat your windows

If you want to achieve a luxe and romantic vibe in your bedroom, you have to give some attention to your windows.

For example, luscious silk drapes combined with window shades can provide you with a luxurious feeling and ample privacy.

For a more minimalist space, you can opt for some sheer fabrics that will make your space look airy and light. At night, your opaque panels will keep the lights and curious eyes out of your bedroom.

stylish bedroom makeover

Welcome nature in your space

Greenery not only improves your decor with its vibrant colour but also filters the air and brings life into your space. Additionally, houseplants have a calming and relaxing effect on humans, so they are perfect additions to your bedroom.

You can go as small or as big as you want, but just be careful with your plant choice. Some plants require a lot of pruning, watering and light, and keeping them healthy can become a real chore.

On the other hand, there are plants like parlour palms, snake plants and peace lilies that require minimal sunlight and maintenance and average humidity.

stylish bedroom makeover


Pay attention to lighting

Bedrooms are primarily used for sleeping, but if you want to read a few pages of your book before bed, you need some good lighting.

Oftentimes, lighting is quite neglected and people usually only concentrate on general lighting, but that’s not enough for bedrooms.

Aside from general lighting, you need some good task fixtures. Bedside lamps and sconces always look great and give the room some elegant and classic symmetry.

If you prefer a more eclectic and chill vibe, neon lights should be your first choice. Neon tubes can be made into custom sculptures, signs and writings and they give every space a touch of interest and uniqueness.

After you’re finished with your bedroom remodel, make sure to set one weekend aside for sleeping in and tasty breakfasts in bed.

stylish bedroom makeover

About The Author: Catherine Collins

Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also like sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smoothdecorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.