Dan Thomas is the Image Doctor, and he really knows his stuff when it comes to style tips for men. I interviewed Dan on for The Style Podcast and he was truly FASCINATING.

For example, why shouldn’t you wear red if you are trying to close  a deal with a woman?

What are the best colours for a sales role?

When shouldn’t you wear darker colours?

What are the best off-duty styles?

What should you wear if you have an entry level job?

And why should that be different from that worn by a CEO?

What body image hang-ups do men have?

Listen to Dan’s interview here and pick up great style tips for men including power colours, off-duty style, and being comfortable in your own skin.

Some of the key style tips for men that I loved include;

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

There is no point in having a ‘make-over’ where you look great but feel uncomfortable. Find the style that’s right for you. Look sharp but maintain your core personality.



Shape Your Career Destiny

Unless you are someone like Steve Jobs who has already proven his ability in his chosen career, wear clothing appropriate to the job. Leave jeans and rolltop sweaters for when your image in the workplace isn’t preceded by your reputation. Unless you are successful in some other form, make the best you can to look good.


David Beckham brand khaki chinos





Power and Job-Friendly Colours

Colours can send unconscious messages. Darker colours are more formal and authoritative, sometimes dominant. Lighter colours are more friendly and approachable, and bright colours an convey confidence and energy.

Listen to Dan’s interview for lots of fascinating insights to what different colours convey and why.



Constantin Popoiu

Quick Style Tips

  • get the sizing of your style right
  • co-ordinate simply – keep to only one item with a heavy pattern
  • avoid lots of logos – keep it clean
  • change up your hairstyle and grooming – take inspiration from celebrities
  • experiment with a short ‘designer’ beard – trim & neat – shave your neck

style tips for men

Key Workplace Options (when you don’t wear a suit)

  • own a pair of tan or brown dress shoes; they are very versatile and fashion forward
  • black, navy and bone chinos
  • crisp dress shirts in white, pale pink and soft blue
  • match your belt colour to your tan/brown dress shoes
  • optional tie
  • a quality blazer in navy, tan or grey
  • for warmer weather, a vest is fashion forward and elevates the look
  • own a quality leather jacket or high quality faux-leather

In the interview, Dan also talks about off-duty style options for men who are tradies or who wear hi-viz vests all day. Plus, ways men can improve themselves for the betterment of women.

Visit Dan at imagedoc.om.au for more great style tips for men and to book his services.

style tips for men

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