“Style my home” is now the catch-cry of every motivated home seller. Styling a home for sale, or home staging, is now an integral part of selling residential real estate. These top tips will help you help your home stylist.

It’s now well-known that home staging can add tens of thousands of dollars to the sale price of a home. So when you think about who will style my home think about ways you can also help your home styling expert.

Whatever your reason for selling, ensure your home is a buyer’s dream so you get a smooth and easy sale… for top dollar. It is important that potential buyers envision the home as their own.

style my home

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So here are a handful of terrific tidying tips that are going to help you maximise on the style and space of your home.

Style My Home: Clean Out the Clutter

Who wants to walk into a house and see mounds of clutter, cupboards stuffed with junk and trash scattered around? The answer is, nobody.

Now, I’m not saying you live in a dump, but people tend to become attached to their possessions a little too much. You might be afraid to throw things out just because you ‘might need them one day.’

style my home

You should consider getting mini skip bins so that your home can have the thorough clear out it needs. Once you have got rid of all your unwanted bits and bobs you will have something a little more minimalistic and stylish to work with.

Style My Home: Freshen The Carpets

There is no question that fresh, clean carpets that are deodorised and stain-free will be very attractive to home buyers. Look critically at high traffic areas in your home including hallways, living rooms and around the bed.

It will be money well spent to contact the professionals in carpet repairs Melbourne for cleaning, repair, and drying to ensure your home is not let done by stained and smelly carpets. You may be used to them but unless they are cleaned and spotless, potential buyers will definitely notice.

Style My Home: Outdoor Overhaul

Gardens and outside spaces are one of the most appealing aspects of a home to many potential buyers. People want to know how many square feet of land they have and how easy it is to maintain.

If your lawn is full of weeds or your flower beds are dying then you won’t be setting the best example for them. Give your outdoor space a clean up and show those viewers how luscious and green your backyard is. It might just be the main selling point of the entire house!

style my home

Clean outdoor furniture, add cushions and throws but keep the entertaining area uncluttered. Paint the pergola, clean pavers, trim bushes and cut away big tree branches if they limit natural light into the house.

Remove small pots and leave a few big plant pots only. To make a great fist impression, hire topiary plants in big pots to place on either side of a front door or on a verandah. You can also hire flowering plant pots for extra colour.

Style My Home: Picture Perfect

Often photographs do not do justice to a beautiful home, but there are ways in which you can improve them.

Make sure you remove as many personal items from the space as you can, so that the pictures seem like an appealing blank canvas.

style my home

Add styling touches such as a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers, a luscious throw over a sofa – little touches that you may not usually have will probably look good in photos.

Take the pictures in the day time when the sun is shining and try to use as much natural light as possible. The better your pictures are, the more viewers you are going to have.

Style My Home: Savvy Storage

When you are selling your home it is important to keep it neat and tidy at all times. Within twenty four hours notice you could have somebody looking around; if your dishes are left unwashed or your personal mail is scattered over the coffee table it won’t make the best impression.

Use your storage solutions wisely and find clever ways to conceal items away from the peering eyes of the public. Even better, rent a storage unit and move ALL unnecessary items there.

style my home

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Potential buyers WILL open doors and look in cupboards. Don’t think you can cram everything into a hall cupboard or in the attic because viewers will look and see MESS… not super storage space.

Hopefully every potential buyer that walks through your door will fall in love with your home as much as you did in the beginning.

If you can, carry out some of these clever techniques you will have a clean and pristine home ready to sell in a flash!

A Quick Renovation And Style For Higher Profits

Some homes may need more than a de-clutter and some styling. Homes that have maintenance issues or have been rented out will require remedial decoration.

For example, painting, fixing cracked and broken tiles, re-carpeting, quick kitchen and bathroom up-grades, and garden maintenance.

style my home

Plush Design Interiors. This dark and dingy living room was re-painted, upgraded and styled for sale.

With the eye of an interior designer, I can provide a full report on how to quickly upgrade the areas of your home most likely to bring the best return for the most cost-effective investment. Then I’ll bring in my expert contractors who are skilled, efficient and keep to a quick turn-around.

A renovation for sale is very different from a renovation when you’re staying in the house. For further information please contact me at Plush Design Interiors, phone 0421 043 505 or e-mail penelope@plushdesigninteriors.com.au.