When it comes to dressing your best there are women who always get it right. I’ve analyzed some leading Australian and overseas fashionistas and to pinpoint style icon fashion tips that you can copy; easily.

Cate Blanchett : Borrow from the Boys

Cate Blanchett has easily confirmed her position as one of the world’s most stylish women, both on and off the red carpet. Her feminine style is adored by millions but she does the masculine ‘thing’ with stylish aplomb, beautifully. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have Georgio Armani on speed dial. The best fashion tips we can take from Cate are ‘keep it classy’ and ‘keep it original’. Style icon fashion tips.

Style icon fashion tips.

Cate Blanchett with Giorgio Armani

You can still show off curves in menswear-inspired outfits just ensure the lines are not too big. Ensure clothing is well-fitted and flattering for your shape. It’s the shapely silhouette that elevates menswear-inspired style from harsh to harmonious. Play around with accessories and killer shoes to personalise the look. Style icon fashion tips.

Miranda Kerr : Wear Leopard Print With Denim

Personally, I adore leopard print and have several pairs of shoes and ankle boots in leopard print that I wear with jeans and suits. From a basic jeans and t-shirt to faux fur, leopard print is timeless. Not only have fashion icons through the last 70 decades embraced leopard print, but there are so many ways to wear it. Modernise leopard print by wearing it with denim, like Miranda Kerr, Alexa Chung, Kare Moss and more. Style icon fashion tips.

Style icon fashion tips.

Blake Lively: Show Strategically Sexy Skin

It’s the classic rule on what to show and what to hide. If you show boobs and arms, be more demure with your legs, and vice versa. If you have a short skirt, cover up arms and decolletage. Well, we’re not nuns are we but Blake Lively shows how to balance showing sexy skin while keeping it classy. Style icon fashion tips.

Style icon fashion tips.

Kim Kardashian: Embrace Your Curves

A sleek silhouette will show off curves and the woman who has helped us love our curves is Kim Kardashian. I don’t thank her for much but on this point she has shown us the way. That’s not to say she gets it right every time, in fact she mostly gets it wrong. However, that doesn’t alter the fact that she has helped millions of women say “I’ve got curves and I’m proud of them”. Style icon fashion tips.

Style icon fashion tips.

Victoria Beckham: It’s All About the Accessories

Victoria Beckham is never referred to as ‘Posh Spice’ anymore because she has totally transcended that part of her life. She has channeled her love of fashion into a highly respected brand, and more power to her. Known for her love of block colours and simple lines, Victoria also shows that simple accessories can also be stunning and chic. Style icon fashion tips.

Style icon fashion tips.

Photo by Trago/FilmMagic

Lou Doillon: Wear White Button-Down Shirts

Fabulously androgynous, you’ll often see Lou Doillon in hats but also white button-down shirts. The daughter of English actress and style icon, Jane Birkin (for whom the Birkin bag was named) Lou Doillon is a French model, singer, and actress who is often seen on the red carper wearing crisp white shirts. Style icon fashion tips.

Style icon fashion tips.

Margot Robbie: Simply Stunning

Margot Robbie exudes a stylish and under-stated glamour with clean lines that add up to a simply stunning result. She often opts for classic block colours – red, navy, black, white, beige, caramel, blush – and then adds a knock-out accessory. Her makeup is dynamic but simple, and her love of red lips means her outfits always ‘pop’ and she never looks washed out. Style icon fashion tips.

Style icon fashion tips.

Image from e-online

Kate Moss: Rock Star Cool

She’s has the rock-chick-cool that has been her signature for a couple of decades and shows no signs of warming up. Kate Moss has effortless cool and a penchant for skinny jeans which does give her a nonchalant air. Being a model helps but she has an I-don’t-care attitude; she doesn’t take it all too seriously. So have fun and lighten up with edgy clothing that’s just kinda ‘thrown on’. And of course a pair of skinny jeans never goes astray paired with a pirate shirt. Style icon fashion tips.

Style icon fashion tips.

Elle Mcpherson: Yummy Mummy

It’s hard to believe that ‘The Body’ Elle McPherson was turned down by numerous model agencies before one saw something the others obviously didn’t. And wouldn’t THEY be kicking themselves. Often photographed ‘doing the school run’, Elle McPherson does casual-cool-yummy-mummy style better than almost anyone. Her outfits will often be skinny jeans with ballet flats or uber-cool boots combined with a textured knit, leather biker jacket or simple t-shirt. Style icon fashion tips.

Style icon fashion tips.

Photo by Oceanic Media Group/FilmMagic.com

You can try all these tips because none require special talents or gobs of cash; they are easily accessible to us mere mortals. Thank goodness!