Strip back and lay bare the bones of your home. It just might be the interior design approach you need.

When we turn our hands to interior design, we often add things to our homes. We stock up on new furniture, lay new carpet, and add yet another layer of paint. What we invariably don’t do is strip back.

So if you often feel the need to pile on extra layers, it might be worth considering a different method.

Next time you redecorate, why not strip back instead? It may seem extreme, but this may be what you need to achieve the ideal design you’ve failed to reach until now. If this is out of your comfort zone, think about these tips to strip back and reveal your REAL home.

strip back


Strip Back To Reveal Existing Features

Instead of approaching this project by looking at what you can add, step back and look at what you already have. What are the best features in the room? Is there a large window you could make more of?

Feature windows have the ability to transform a room, if we let them. All you need to do is find the right way to frame that window. New curtains will go a long way towards this.

strip back

It might also help to move your furniture and make the most of the light. If you have your back to that window when you’re sitting on the sofa, you’ll fail to appreciate it the way you should.

Or, perhaps you have a fireplace you could enhance. Often, these remain unused. Who needs them when we have heating at the click of a button? But, neglecting to acknowledge the decorative potential of your fireplace would be a mistake.

As the suggestions on sites like show, there are some amazing ways to make the most of your fireplace. Remove the fire itself if you don’t use it, and find a way to highlight the space left behind!

strip back


Know The History of Your Home

When working with original features, it’ll help to know as much as possible about the history of your home. How else can you return to the original style?

Even if it’s a relatively new build, this is worth doing. Or, perhaps your house is a vintage gem just waiting for restoration. Take a look through any original plans you have to see what it was like originally. If you have no clue, you could always talk to neighbours and see if they remember!

strip back


Stripping Can Be Fun, And Profitable

Once you know the history, you can have some fun. Stripping back your home may seem drastic, but it could lead to incredible discoveries. Lift up that carpet and see what’s underneath.

There may be some classic wood flooring waiting for you. Don’t worry if it’s not in the best condition. Companies like the one found at can restore it so it’s as good as new. Much better than carpet!

Or, perhaps you want to strip back your walls and see what’s underneath all that plaster. Exposed brick walls are hot business at the moment. This could be the perfect thing to breathe old life back into your home!