It is one of the most common ailments we experience – lower back pain. Strong glutes help avoid this, however there are plenty of things you can to do avoid and treat lower back pain.

Whether you were working out too rigorously, or have slept awkwardly, nearly everybody can experience some form of back pain in their life. Lower back pain can affect almost 80% of the general population, but what can we do about it? 

Recognising the Difference Between Muscle Strain and Sciatica 

If you have been conducting heavy-lifting, lower back pain tends to arise from a strain injury. However, sometimes when a disc is injured, or a herniated disc irritates the sciatic nerve, this can result in sciatica. Some people feel pain in different parts of the body, such as down the back of the leg, and through the buttocks. Treatment by chiropractors such as Ryde Chiropractic can guide you through treatments for sciatic pain.

Making Sure You Don’t Exacerbate the Symptoms

It is crucial to realise that there are things that we do that can cause lower back pain, but we could also be making the symptoms much worse. For example, if you sit down all day, making sure that you do not slouch will minimise the symptoms. The same actually applies to when you are standing. And if you are on your feet all day, you need to wear comfortable shoes with low heels. Also, extra weight can put more pressure on your back.

Providing Relief for Lower Back Pain

In addition to seeing a chiropractor, you may alleviate low back pain indications using hot or cold packs. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution that will only mask the symptoms, not cure them.

You should see a doctor if you’ve been having back pain for three months or more, although some physicians may urge that you maintain your regular events since bed rest may increase lower back pain and bring other concerns, such as blood clots in the legs.

Lower back discomfort is more likely to occur if you have been doing hard lifting. This is due to a strain injury. On the other hand, sciatica may occur when a disc is damaged or a herniated disc irritates the sciatic nerve, which can happen when one of these events occurs.

Some patients experience discomfort in various places of the body, including the buttocks, the rear of the leg, and the front of the thigh. Seeking medical attention from chiropractors can assist you through the various therapies for sciatica. Consider seeking a diagnosis of sciatica treatment from professionals when experiencing lower back pain.

Should You Avoid Exercise? 

Exercise is so important, but when it comes to lower back pain, sometimes it is overexertion that can cause problems. For example, if you play high impact sports, or you twist your body a lot, this can result in lower back pain, in which case, following a workout protocol that doesn’t put tension on your lower back is vital.

Understanding If You Are at Risk

If your job involves twisting, lifting, or pulling, you are going to exacerbate any symptoms. Likewise, if you sit all day in an awkward position, this can cause lower back pain as well. And the best way to prevent lower back pain is to know if you are at risk. There are many jobs, for example, construction workers, bus drivers, and even office personnel that are at risk. But making sure that you have a combination of methods, such as fixing your posture, having regular massage therapy, and actually strengthening the back can work wonders.