Stress busting exercises don’t have to over-exert you to be effective. There are ways to bust the stress through exercises that can be relaxing yet highly effective.

It can be hard to make yourself feel relaxed when you’re living under a lot of pressure. So stress busting exercises shouldn’t add to this burden.

Whether it’s work, family life, or something else, those things that weigh on your mind are very hard to escape. Tragically, many people go through stress and trauma on a daily basis.

To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best stress busting exercises for those who want to kick stress to the kerb.

Using stress busting exercises is a great way to improve both your physical and mental fitness at the same time.


Best Stress Busting Exercises #1: Yoga

When you’re living a very hectic life, it can be hard to find the time to simply move, limiting yourself to the most basic of thoughts.

stress busting exercises

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Yoga classes can provide a great exercise for those who’d like to take themselves away from normal life. With routines designed to make you feel more relaxed, try yoga if you don’t like doing heavy exercise.

Some people find that yoga and meditation works better for them than a high-impact exercise like running.


Best Stress Busting Exercises #2: Weight Lifting

Taking a slightly different approach, weight lifting is becoming very popular all over the world. Instead of relaxing you through calm and tranquility, weight bearing exercise will make you feel more at ease by simply working the stress out of you.

stress busting exercises

There are few things more cathartic than lifting some heavy objects for a while. To feel more powerful is a great way to reduce stress. Building your muscles will empower you and give you the feeling that you are in control. Lifting weights won’t bulk up women because we are not built that way.

You can sculpt your body very effectively but you won’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger unless you take ‘supplements’, which is not advised.


Best Stress Busting Exercises #3: Swimming

Water has long been used as a way to help people to relax. The sound water makes, the way it makes your body feel, and the types of exercise which can be done in water are all perfect for those who want to slip into their own world.

stress busting exercises

The beauty of a water workout is that you don’t have to follow a strict routine. Instead, if you want to swim in straight lines for a while, that’s fine.

Along with this, though, you could also look for some sports which are done in the pool.


Best Stress Busting Exercises #4: Long Cycles

Finally, as the last option on this list, cycling is best for people who like to spend time outdoors. Instead of using motion or a workout to relax you, cycling relies on your surroundings. Long bike rides are a great way to think about something else for a while.

stress busting exercises

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Cycling works best if you are able to go for a long time. It’s great to take it slow using hours and minutes as your measure, rather than distance.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to find relaxing workouts that you’ll love. When stress is getting you down it can be difficult to get motivated. Just focus on how great you’ll feel AFTERWARDS and wait for the exercise addiction hormones to kick in. Good luck.

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