Street appeal indicates to passing eyes what may lie beyond the front gate. How you present the front of your home is a big first impression and can affect the value of your property.

Whether you are looking to sell your home in the next few months or you simply want to get it looking beautiful for the festive season, street appeal matters.

The way the front of your home looks will give an indication of what’s inside the house and it will help to make people feel welcome. Here are a few ways you can make the front of your home look stunning this year.

Street Appeal: Clean the driveway

To start off, a simple task which you can complete this weekend is to break out the pressure washer and clean your drive away.

There is honestly nothing more satisfying than running a pressure washer against dirty pavement and seeing the clean stone underneath.

street appeal

It is a job which might not seem like it will make a difference, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how much it can do for the home.

Lay a new driveway

If you have an angel of driveaway which is either drab and dirty or is lifting up at the seams with weeds underneath, it is the ideal time to make an investment in a new driveway.

There are lots of different styles you can go for on your drive, and things like Paini Concrete’s exposed aggregate can make the space seem much bigger and a lot more modern.

It will elevate the home and make it feel more luxurious right away.

Street Appeal: Plant shrubs

If you have a front garden to work with but you haven’t got that magic green fingered touch like other homeowners, you can still have a beautiful garden.

street appeal

With a simply lawn and some carefully placed hardy shrubs you can still have a stunning front garden which will bloom in the spring and summer and which will survive through the harsh winter.

You can for example plant something like a smoke bush, hydrangeas, acers and even lilac. There are plenty of hardy shrubs which will give your garden protection as well as a stunning look all year long,

Keep the grass trimmed

If you want your home to always look trim and tidy, you need to think about making sure the grass is always trimmed and tidy too.

Grass can be a pain when it starts to grow out of control and it can give a lot of pesky weeds and mushrooms which you simply don’t want in the garden.

Make sure you mow the lawn at least once a month during the warmer months and you should be able to avoid mowing it through the winter due to the cooler climate.

Eradicate weeds

Weeds are the bane of every homeowners life and they seem to spring up from every single nook and cranny without any warning whatsoever.

Weeds such as dandelions and nettles can be a huge pest in the garden and if you don’t keep on top of them they can take over the whole space.

street appeal

Make sure to pull them out at the root wherever you can, or you can use weed killer or boiling water to kill the plant off before pulling it out.

A driveway and front garden without weeds will look so much cleaner and it will make your home feel a lot more comfortable and tidy.

Street Appeal: Create colour

The front garden can also be the ideal place to add in some colour throughout the summer months and there are some ways you can do this will minimal effort on your part.

All you need to do is find some seeds for colourful plants you like and spread them in the spring, keeping them well watered for a few weeks until they sprout.

street appeal

You can end up with stunning pansies, cornflowers, daisies and anything you want in the front garden to make it feel like a beautiful cottage garden.

Hang a basket

The space which you have by the side of the front door is usually the most boring part of the house and it feels as if it needs something to brighten up the space.

A hanging basket can be the ideal thing to add to the side of the front door and you can have them made with a host of different colours and scents.

street appeal

It will be a beautiful thing for your visitors to see when they knock on the door and it will make your home look and feel just that little bit more classy.

Street Appeal: Redo the roof

The roof can be a huge factor in the way your home looks from the front and it can have a big impact on how people view your home in general.

If you have an old roof which is starting to become wonky and is falling apart you will want to consider redoing the roof for the security of the home as well as the aesthetic it gives off.

street appeal

It is a big investment however the roof is the vital shelter of the home so it is more than worth spending the money to make sure it is right.

Paint the house

If you have a home which isn’t just brick and has some decorative stone or siding work on it, one of the things you could do to make your house stand out from the rest is to give it a fresh paint job.

It could be painted white or pastel for a bright and modern effect, slate grey for a stunning simplicity, or a bold red to stand out from the crowd.

street appeal

Whatever colour you decide on, it will make a wonderful impact on the front of the house.

Clear the drains

The gutters on the roof as well as the drains at the side of the home can be a bugbear when it comes to making your home look and feel great.

No one wants clogged up pipes with leaves and debris. Because of this you can spend some time this weekend clearing it all out to make sure the home looks clean from every angle.