Storage solutions on Pinterest will keep you occupied and inspired for hours. But who has the time? What you need are 3 storage solutions you can handle right now… and leave Pinterest for a relax and a glass of wine.

When it comes to clever storage solutions, there are many that you might not have thought about. If you’re like me, you’ll start thinking about storage solutions when you need more space and your home feels cluttered. So with that in mind, I picked three good storage solutions to get you started. For more, check out this great Pinterest page.

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One of the best ways to have more space is to downsize. If you have fewer things, then you need fewer storage solutions. There are plenty of methods and decluttering techniques that you can use to determine whether you should get rid of something or keep it.

You can find YouTube videos, books and articles that are designed to help you do exactly that. As a basic guide, though, you should go through all of your things and decide if you need them and if you use them. If the answer is no, then you should feel comfortable to get rid of them or donate them.

You can donate all of your items to charity, or you can sell them on through a website like eBay. Whatever you decide, getting rid of things will give you a lot more space. This might be getting rid of books from an overflowing bookshelf or getting rid of clothes from a packed wardrobe.

As you go through your things, you’ll be surprised by how much you want to get rid of, how much space it frees up and how good you feel once it is all gone.

Try Interior Secrets or Luxo Living for chic and cheap storage ideas.

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Make Better Use of Space

Making better use of space might seem difficult, but it is surprisingly simple. There are small changes that you can make to your furniture so that it gives you more space. You can buy an ottoman bed so that you have full access to all of the space underneath.

Try Brosa Furniture for a selection of high-quality yet well priced gas lift beds.

Anything from books and games to clothes and even suitcases can be easily stored under your bed (and out of view) thanks to this small change.

Choose a corner fitted couch or sofa so that you are making the best use of the space available. Use smart garage storage solutions to better maintain and keep the variety of things in your garage.

Kitchen islands are also a great investment as they provide an extra worktop and have space all around for kitchen items to be stored. Insert shelvong for cookbooks and wine or drawers for nappery, cutlery and other tableware.

Rather than struggling with your current cabinets, a kitchen island will solve all of your issues. If you don’t have space for a kitchen island, then you can always get some on worktop storage solutions for storing pans and plates.

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There are websites dedicated to furniture hacks. These hacks make everyday pieces of furniture better storage items. You might be able to add an extra shelf to a cupboard, better divide your wardrobe or hollow out the back of your sofa to store your blankets.

There are so many choices and ideas out there that if you spend a few minutes doing some research based on your current furniture, then you are bound to find something relevant and useful. Ikea furniture is especially good to hack.

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Decluttering Help

Do you need expert decluttering help? If you live in Adelaide then contact us to help you to clean up and clean out your home, garage or work space. Our expert declutterer is an amazing whizz who will whip your home into shape in a short space of time.