Your kitchen cleaning is fundamental for hygiene and sanity. After all, nothing drives us crazier than the sight of unwashed dishes in kitchen sink, and nothing attracts bacteria quite as fast, either!

With this in mind, most of us will undertake kitchen cleaning to some degree every day. But, what if you’ve been cleaning your kitchen wrong all these years? 

We’re sorry to say it, but it’s entirely possible that your existing cleaning habits are failing to provide the cleanliness a family kitchen needs. It’s amazing how many of us make this same mistake. However, to ensure a more proficient clean, it’s worth considering the following ways for kitchen cleaning that are WRONG!

Kitchen designed by Plush Design Interiors (Adelaide) and photographed by Claudine Burgess – Define and Shine Photography

Wrong Kitchen Cleaning #1: Starting from the bottom up

Many of us like to start cleaning with a big-impact task like sweeping/washing the floors, but this is mistake number one. After all, your next step would probably be to wipe your sides/do your dishes, meaning that you’ll knock bits of food and rubbish right back down again. Worse, you probably won’t even notice doing so until you come to sweep up tomorrow! This is terrible news from a hygiene standpoint and could even leave you exposed to hungry rodents if you aren’t careful. Luckily, addressing this issue is as simple as approaching kitchen cleaning with a top-down mentality moving forward. 

Kitchen designed by Plush Design Interiors (Adelaide) and photographed by Claudine Burgess – Define and Shine Photography

Wrong Kitchen Cleaning #2: Using strong chemicals

Given the number of bacteria present on kitchen surfaces etc., it’s not unusual to use heavy chemicals like antibacterial sprays and wipes here, but this is another notable no-no. After all, while bacteria aren’t great for your gut, heavy-duty disinfectants aren’t exactly good for you, either. Worse, studies have recently shown that cleaning implements like disinfectant wipes not only leave traces of harmful chemicals but also smear rather than removing bacteria. Obviously, all of this doesn’t mean that you can ditch your kitchen cleaning altogether, but it does mean that it’s probably better to lean towards natural cleaning products or even homemade solutions. That way, you can achieve the level of cleanliness you need without exposing yourself to anything unwanted along the way. 

Kitchen designed by Plush Design Interiors (Adelaide) and rendered by Maria Georgiou

Wrong Kitchen Cleaning #3: Reusing cleaning essentials

Most of us wouldn’t reuse a cloth with which we’ve cleaned the bin or wiped up raw meat juices. However, many of us don’t think twice about reusing a cloth that we only wiped the sides down with. The trouble is that, when we do this, we again wipe hidden bacteria back onto a surface instead of cleaning it off. Reusable cloths that you can chuck straight in the dishwasher are a great option for avoiding this downfall, as you’ll never have to face chucking one away every day. Equally, ordering cleaning cloths on repeat ensures that you can afford to use a new one each day without worry, and that you enjoy a much cleaner kitchen as a result. 

Ultimately, eliminating mistakes ensures more effective, efficient cleaning moving forward, so keep these pointers in mind for a cleaner kitchen at all times.

Feature image – kitchen designed by Plush Design Interiors. Photography by Claudine Burgess, Photographer