Things of stone and wood in an interior, or exterior, setting is one of my favourite decor combinations. Warm, rustic, natural, dynamic.

There are so many interior options it really comes down to choosing what you love. For many people, a rustic interior is their decor of choice. Maybe it’s the ‘back to nature’ vibe or relaxed feel of things rustic. And by ‘rustic’ I mean a decor with texture and, very likely, lots of stone and wood.

When I started exploring how stone and wood could be added to interior design, I did so with an open mind. What I found was a divine plethora of artistic, rustic and fabulously charming ways to add stone and wood to interior decor.


It seems bathrooms and open plan living areas are ideal places for exposed wood and rough stone to be seen. In bathrooms, get inspired by vanities that look as if they have just sprung from the ground. Craftsmen have used the knots and natural curves of tree trucks to create deeply memorable and undoubtedly beautiful heirloom pieces. You won’t find these in a shop (except maybe Etsy) as they are lovingly crafted, unique pieces of furniture.

stone and wood

Wooden vanities with metal basins work magic together and there are other metal, stone and wood combinations that will provide spectacular decor. For example, a stone sink with a wooden shingle backdrop (below right) or a modern stone vanity created to look like wood, with a recycled wood mirror and metal lamp brackets (below left).

stone and wood

A beautiful way to add unique wooden features to a bathroom is by having a vanity mirror made from driftwood; or one that has the appearance of being made from driftwood. If you are particularly clever, you may be able to fashion one yourself. Driftwood mirrors usually need a rustic setting and look beautiful with stone, slate and tiles that emulate nature.

The dramatic copper bowl, with it’s aged patina below left,  is perfect with the mirror and the tiles could be a gorgeous sunset. Whilst modern, the bathroom to the right allows the magnificent driftwood mirror to be the hero piece against a white backdrop.

stone and wood

Stone and wood are not reserved merely for accessories and can play a major role. Rough hewn stone and natural slate work in harmony to create a glorious shower (below right). Adding a horizontal slot shower, not an above-head shower rose, gives the feeling of being in a waterfall, completing the outdoor-indoor vibe. The wooden stool perfectly fitted for the corner is both functional and effective in this natural setting.

stone and wood

I love the Spanish-Mexican feel of the bathroom above left. The white plaster walls allow the wooden beams, window frames and magnificent doors to ‘pop’ and the metal features and copper-coloured slate floor keep the colour palette consistent. The iron candelabra on the window sill is also consistent with the stone, wood and metal decor.

Living Areas

Living, kitchen and dining areas, with their greater expanse of wall than most bathrooms, can showcase impressive stone walls, heavy timber beams, beautiful benches and stunning dining room tables. A rustic decor can work in a modern setting because the stone and wood themselves work back the interior design. A very pale palette, especially white walls, show off stone and wood to their very best advantage. So let the natural elements take centre stage and don’t add fussy accessories.

stone and wood stone and wood stone and wood

Modern elements, such as a glass chandelier (above) or Ghost Chairs (below) can be added with restraint and do, I have to say, look FABULOUS. And I really like the way the two very different wooden dining tables (below) have taken on their own very individual persona.

stone and wood


Bedrooms can benefit from touches of stone and wood as seen in these very different renditions (below). One seems like a real cowboy chalet with the almost bleached wooden walls, stone pillars, retro posters and western blankets on the beds.

The velvet furniture harks back to a western era but the splashes of rust-red liven up the masculine feel. Conversely, the rather modern bedroom to the right could be in a tropical setting – pitched roof, green silk cushions, pot plants – yet shows how wooden accents can be used very effectively.

stone and wood

Whether it’s interior or exterior, if you are looking for a design style that provides lots of options for flexibility whilst getting ‘back to nature’ and responsibly recycling, then you can’t go past incorporating metal, stone and wood features in our home.

stone and wood

What do you think of these ideas? Are there some solutions here for your home? What interior design styles do you favour?