Steel pergolas can be very modern and cool or they can be styled to look rustic and warm. But what about their other advantages?

Pergolas have always added to the aesthetic beauty of properties and gardens. They are primarily for beautification and shading with options using recycled wood, engineered stone, pine, steel pergolas, and more. Also perfect for sipping discounted wine delivered straight to your door from Vinomofo.

steel pergolas

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So, have you considered steel pergolas?

Some pros and cons you should consider.

  • If you have space in your garden or patio, you can always create a stylish and functional pergola with timber, steel, or aluminum frames. However, un-treated timber frames cannot provide longevity and they will get damaged due to moisture, dust and rain.


  • People are now choosing the modern steel pergolas for their stylish look, durability and better longevity. If you have space in your garden then you can design a modern steel pergola. It will protect you from sun and heat in summer and potentially wind and rain in winter.


  • Apart from that, it will protect your property throughout the year and you can relax and spend your extra time under this shade.


  • Modern architects and builders may be more inclined towards the use of metals for pergolas, steel being one of the top preferences. There are many advantages to steel pergolas, and exploring these will give you an insight into why you should opt for steel-made contemporary pergolas.


steel pergolas


Advantages of Modern Steel Pergolas

  • Steel brings in security of strength. It is one of the strongest metallic structures, which can give your construction great power and strength. Steel is a strong metal that does not get affected by any natural disasters. Apart from that, steel is less costly than concrete and high quality timber and can be constructed in unique shapes.


  • Steel is weather proof, and this is one great reason for you to use steel for outside structure that’s constantly subjected to the weather. Galvanized or rust free steel will not collect rust from rain, hail, snow, or dew. It will stay intact in the scorching sun, heavy rain and storms, snowfall or wind, and none of these weather elements should degrade the metal.


  • Steel will also not be affected by molds, microbes, fungi or algae unlike wood. Where wood pergolas may decompose due to over exposure to moisture in several ways over time, a steel made pergola will never go bad for these reasons. To prevent moisture, you can apply some corrosion-resistant solutions on your steel frames, and coat the steel structure of your pergola with zinc.


steel pergolas

  • Steel can be maintenance free. Only one coat of all-weather paint it will last for years, unlike wood and concrete pergolas, which need more maintenance.


  • If you want to have a fixed structure, you may tell the constructor to weld the steel parts together, which will be strong and supportive. In addition, in case you want an installation, which can be later dismounted and taken to another part of the property or place and mounted again, you may get the steel parts to be fastened with screws and bolts. This kind of flexibility makes the modern style steel pergolas really great choice.


  • Sometimes you may wish to have a combination of steel and wood. In that case, you may get a steel built structure with four to eight major supports and plant wooden beams in between to make a sturdy combination of wooden top steel pergola.


steel pergolas

Modern or contemporary steel pergolas can come in many shapes other than the conventional arched shape. A nice way to develop idea of possible designs is to surf through a rich gallery of designs, possibly on the web where many pictures are shared.

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