Starting a home renovation can be the most exciting and creative aspect of home ownership. But when the builders move in, normality and sanity can move out. So how can you preserve yours?

Are you planning to renovate your home? Remodeling your house can be a thrilling time. However, the upheaval can also be disruptive. You’re trying to preserve a degree of normality despite the noise, construction dust, and contractors walking through your home all day long.

Unless you’re planning to demolish and rebuild, you’re probably going to live in your house when you’re starting a home renovation. These tips will help you stay sane despite the chaos.

Pack As If You Are Moving

Having piles of clutter strewn around the house is one of the main sources of stress when starting a home renovation. If you’re going for a thorough remodel, pack up all your belongings in the rooms that are being renovated.

Use packing boxes, almost as if you were packing to move house. Carefully wrap and stow things like ornaments and other breakable items. If you leave things where they are, they will only get in the way. And you’ll have to laboriously clean them after the work is done.

Remember, construction dust is especially difficult to get rid of once it finds its way into nooks and crannies, as well as fabrics.

If you have limited space for storing boxes in your house, look into self storage while the remodel is underway. When your house is in a state of chaos, it’s best not to have big boxes tripping you up.

Designate Alternative Living Space

One of the top mistakes many people make when starting a home renovation is not setting aside a living area for the duration of the renovations.

For example, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, it’s going to be annoying for you—and for the contractors on site—if every time you need a cup of tea or a sandwich, you have to wade through the construction zone.

Create a small kitchen area somewhere else in the house, maybe the office or the living room. A simple toaster and kettle may be sufficient for your day-to-day needs. However, you could make your life even easier with a mini-fridge and or a coffee maker.

If your bedroom is going under the hammer, it’s worth moving your clothing into another room, giving you ease of access to your wardrobe when you need it.

You’ll also be glad when your clothes stay free of construction dust, which is notoriously tricky to remove!

Stay Out of The Work Zone

If you’ve got builders involved, it’s useful to set aside a part of your house as a designated “construction zone”. Safety considerations aside, many builders find it much easier to do their jobs if you stay clear of the area they are working in.

Even if you’re doing the work with your own two hands, it still makes sense to keep your work area separate from the rest of the home. This will help you keep ‘home life’ and ‘DIY life’ meaningfully separate, which you’ll appreciate after months of upheaval. 

Renovations can be stressful when your home is tipped upside down. These tips will help you keep your cool until the work is done.