Planning your Spring garden gives you a focus away from the chills of winter. Before long, you’ll be seeing yourself picking Spring flowers and sipping wine in the sun.

So while you’re deep in the winter period, take the opportunity to plan just how you’re going to improve your home in 2019.

There’s nothing quite like the procession of Spring with its blooming beauty and brilliance. So perhaps this can be the best place to start.

spring garden
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Spring is often the time to commit to deep household cleansing and throwing out old junk. Adding decorative efforts to that list can just be overwhelming.

Your garden, however, is starting to develop its bloom. This can be an excellent period of garden maintenance and care to spruce up your green space.

Your Spring garden can be a colourful and natural space that’s a respite from work or a fun place to entertain.

Spring Garden Maintenance

First of all, gardens need maintenance. If you have experienced a harsh and unpredictable winter, your downpipes, driveway or even garage may have been damaged by ice or wind. Or perhaps you’ve had winter growth leaving your garden overgrown and disorganised.

Do a bit of a garden audit by taking note of areas that may have suffered minor flooding, drainage problems, bald grass, or if concrete, pavers or downpipes are broken.

spring garden

Look for other maintenance jobs such as re-varnishing the garden furniture, tightening the bars on your child’s playframe, or raking the mulch away from the garden pathway. And if there is too much to do, hire some help such as having your lawn mowed using Green Acres Mowers.

When you actively look for maintenance jobs you’ll find enough to do. So pick a warm day and grab the iPod for company. Music always makes chores less arduous.

Spring Garden Love

A garden is supposed to be used and enjoyed, not simply constructed as a visual piece. Consider how the summer of family love could be experienced in your garden.

Get creative with design plans to build your own Wendy House for your children (or perhaps more ideally purchase one already constructed).

spring garden
Baby toddler girl playing in outdoor tea party feeding her best friend Teddy Bear with candy gummy. Pink dress and queen or princess crown. (Baby toddler girl playing in outdoor tea party feeding her best friend Teddy Bear with candy gummy. Pink dress

Repair your greenhouse for a wonderful summer of vegetables. Get romantic and install a garden swinging bench for you and your partner to enjoy long summer evenings.

A garden is nothing if not loved, so consider how you might want to adapt your garden to your lifestyle.

A Social Spring Garden

Why not make 2019 the year that your garden is used as a hosting area? Consider the natural flow between the interior and exterior.

spring garden

Perhaps you want to invest in wooden decking, a new pergola, or safer tiered steps. Seating is important when you want to host a barbecue. Build a walkway to safely navigate around your garden pond, or install those hammocks you’ve always wanted.

Plan your spring garden in advance and be sure to dream big!

Header Image: Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash