Spring cleaning may not be a fave activity but it’s the time of year we associate with new life, fresh chances and the promise of summer.

With all of this newness in our minds, spring cleaning has become a regular part of the season. With winter melting away and the hotter days to come, it’s only natural we want to get things in order so we can enjoy the longer days ahead.

However, when most people talk of spring cleaning, they mean inside the house. They refer to opening, emptying and cleaning of cupboards. Moving furniture and dusting in the hidden places that we try to forget exist. Grabbing a stepladder and reaching into the far corners to dust. Nothing fun.

Yet for those of us who like to be outdoors as much as possible, this cleaning – and preparation – needs to happen outside of the house as well.

Prepare for Planting

You may not think of it as spring cleaning, but this is the perfect time of year to begin to sow seeds in preparation for a summer harvest. Whether you are growing your fruit and veg or just want a lovely floral display, you have to start preparing the ground now.

Depending on the type of seed you want to grow, begin either indoors or outdoors under cover of cloches. If you don’t want to buy plastic seed trays, then natural options include egg shells for an extra dose of protein too. While waiting for the first shoots to appear, prepare raised beds with mulch, compost, and fresh top soil.

If you have young plants with a tendency to grow haphazardly, now is a good time to stake them before they begin to bloom. It’s far easier to do this when they’re dormant from winter.

Sweep Away The Cobwebs (And Everything Else)

For understandable reasons, we’re outside less in winter, and that means the chores begin to stack up. Set aside a day to get everything in proper condition; even rope in the kids with the promise of plenty of outdoor fun as a result. Systematically work through the garden, sweeping and removing clogs from the following areas:

  • All outbuildings, log piles and behind fencing or decorations.
  • Any play areas such as sandpits. Keep an eye out for redbacks here, as they like to bask in sunny areas away from plants.
  • House supports such as roofing and guttering should all be cleared of leftover leaves. Run water through to ensure they’re able to clear properly, and if not, contact the professionals.

If you have a pool, begin the maintenance as soon as possible so you have a sparkling fresh area when summer arrives.

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New Season, New Paint

There are multiple areas around the garden that might need sprucing up. Fencing is always prone to peeling paint, so if you spot any, run repairs now while it’s still cool enough to be working outdoors.

Stone and other decorative features might need spot treatment and spring cleaning to keep them looking their best. It’s easier to fix minor issues than it is to fully makeover or even replace an item, so do it before the problem becomes chronic. A pro tip is to always use a primer even on minor fixes; it’ll mean your repairs last longer.

With all of that done, you can anticipate a fun, outdoors summer in a garden that looks up to scratch!

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