Special occasion celebrations are the perfect way to show those closest to you how much you love and appreciate them. So throw a surprise party and spend some time together.

If you are lucky enough to be close to your mother, then it’s a great idea to make a big effort for her birthday – remember all the birthday parties she threw for you and your friends when they painted the dog and trod buttercream into the carpets?

Here are some ideas to help you push the boat out in return…

Spend Some Time Together

The most important special occasion celebrations are when parents can spend time with their offspring. When you have a busy life and you become a parent yourself, it’s easy to let your own parents become less of a priority in your life. So take this opportunity to spend some time together. Book a mother/daughter day spa for some pampering and relaxation. Or go on a fun shopping spree with coffee breaks and a wonderful lunch. Perhaps take in a stage show with a special supper afterwards. Whatever you decide, the most important factor is that you let your mother know how much she means to you, and make sure that she feels like a queen all day long.

Special Occasion Celebrations

Purchase A Thoughtful Gift

If it’s a significant birthday for your mother – her sixtieth, for example – then it’s a good time to start ditching the generic gifts like books and scarves that you could have bought for anyone and really consider what she might like. For special occasion celebrations nothing will beat buying her a piece of pearl and diamond jewellery – it might be pricey but it will last forever and she’ll think of you with love every time wears it. Save for a couple of months beforehand to buy something that she’ll really enjoy like a cashmere sweater, concert tickets or a new leather bag – and really rack your brains to see what other personal gifts she might enjoy. You could even look for a signed edition of one of her favourite books to really make her day.

Special Occasion Celebrations

Throw A Surprise Party

If you want to throw a surprise party, then you definitely need to be careful to make sure that your recipient is the sort of person who actually enjoys surprises. Don’t have her friends pop out from behind her couch if she has a bad heart. Maybe you’ll take her to a nice restaurant where all her friends will be waiting to wish her ‘Happy Birthday’. Just remember that you should be making a special effort to show her how much you appreciate her.

Even if you love spectacle and being the centre of attention, make sure that you consider whether she’s that kind of person as well, and act accordingly. Just make sure there’s enough birthday cake for everyone – that’s a priority for pretty much all of us!

Special Occasion Celebrations