Trick the eye with space enhancing ideas that make rooms look bigger. You’ll love these seven easy bright ideas.

As cities expand, more people are living in smaller spaces, not to mention the popularity of the Tiny House Movement. However, you don’t have to live in a miniscule house to benefit from space enhancing ideas. There are ways to trick the eye into seeing a space that’s not really as big as it appears.

As an Interior Designer, I am often required to rearrange and design spaces using tricks to make a space appear bigger. Apartment and townhouse dwellers in particular take advantage of the skills an interior designer can bring.

Here are seven of the easiest space enhancing ideas that you can try this weekend, and LOVE the difference in your smaller space.

space enhancing ideas

7 Easy Space Enhancing Ideas for The Weekend

  • Declutter: Freeing your home from clutter will be the very first job you’ll want to tackle. By being tidy, your home will already look bigger, and you will be able to make better use of the space you have. A lot of people will ignore this part of the process, though it is very important. When decluttering think about what you want to KEEP, what you can DONATE, and what to TRASH. Be tough.


  • Windows: Natural light is much better at making a room feel larger than the stuff electricity creates. By having your curtains open, along with the windows being clean, you can make rooms feel much bigger. Clear large pieces of furniture from in front of windows and cut back any shrubbery or trees that are blocking light from outside.


  • Walls Become Windows: Of course, for some people, the idea of simply opening blinds won’t be enough. Aluminium doors with windows built-in can transform an entire wall into an open space. Bringing the outdoors in, this sort of option is great for those willing to spend some money to make their home feel bigger. Ensure you also install retractable fly screens for summer.


  • Colours: It’s reasonable to think that lighter colours will make a room feel bigger, although interior designer Shaynna Blaze doesn’t agree.. Lighter neutrals – white, cream, beige, pale blue, pale green, light yellow, baby pink, mint – usually make a room feel bigger, while darker options usually make the walls feel like they’re closing in. However, if you have abundant natural light in a room you CAN paint or wallpaper in dark colours. Otherwise one of the best space enhancing ideas is to paint or wallpaper rooms in light colours.


  • Use Space Wisely: As many homes get smaller, more companies are looking for ways to make storage furniture more functional. Using your bed, sofas, and other large pieces as a place to put things will work well for most people. Of course, though, the most important part is that it will keep things hidden. For example, an ottoman with removeable seats so you can store things within.


  • Furniture Layout: While furniture can double as storage, your next job will be laying it out to use the space most efficiently. Using your space to its maximum capacity will always make it feel bigger. Choose a two-seater rather than a three-seater sofa, with legs not flat on the ground, and add individual occassional chairs, not another sofa. Glass or perspex surfaces for dining and coffee tables are also great space enhancing ideas. Wall hang shelving to also give the impression of more space.


  • Mirrors: Finally, as the last idea on this list, think about using a very powerful tool; a mirror. This sort of device is perfect for reflecting light and the room itself thus creating he illusion of space. You can also use metallic cushions or mirrored furniture for the same effect.


space enhancing ideas

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into making your home feel bigger. It can be hard to make good use of the limited space you have, especially as homes get smaller and more expensive. With the right effort, though, you should be able give your place a real boost.

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space enhancing ideas