The sophisticated home of the future will be greener, more sustainable and environmentally friendly without sacrificing style. QuantumSix (Q6+) porcelain sheets have just hit the Australian market and they rival stone & marble.

Porcelain Sheets | An Easier, More Affordable and Greener Alternative to Stone and Marble for the Sophisticated Home

NEW to Australia, QuantumSix+ (Q6+) porcelain sheets are the latest sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to marble and stone finishes. Light AND strong with extraordinary versatility and aesthetic appeal, the Q6+ is just 6mm thick; a more flexible, durable and affordable option than natural stone.

Direct from Italy, QuantumSix+ porcelain sheets feature the natural beauty of marble offering a stunning array of colour combinations and finishes. Homeowners and designers will have the ability to mix and match for a sophisticated home to suit individual styles and decor. Incredibly, Q6+ porcelain sheets don’t need to be sealed, so they’re effortless to use in a wider range of applications.

Q6+ sheets are relatively unknown in Australia however there are many reasons why they are a superior alternative. Q6+ porcelain sheets are easy to handle and cut to any size on site. Sheets also come in an astounding 3200 x 1600 x 6 mm – the largest ever seen in Australia – or 2400 x 1200 x 6 mm.

Some veined colours can be perfectly matched to create seamless splashbacks, indoor and outdoor cladding, feature walls or beautiful, hardwearing floors; just as you would expect in the sophisticated home of tomorrow.

QuantumSix+ porcelain sheets are made from all natural materials making them stain and mould resistant, which is excellent for wet areas and stairs. They are flameproof, heat-resistant and UV stable making them perfect for fireplace surrounds, on the wall behind your cook top as well as outdoor BBQ areas and exterior wall cladding. Q6+ can even be cut to create sophisticated marble and stone-look furniture.

QuantumSix+ porcelain sheets are available in three collections – marble, stone and industrial
– presenting over 20 colour combinations. All products come with a 10-year Manufacturers Warranty so you can feel secure with your choice. With such great features on offer, it’s clear they’ll soon become a fixture on the Australian design market.

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