Sockm has reinvented the way we wear, and feel about, socks with a new SS16 campaign. Who knew socks could be so bad ass. 

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Sand, sweat and steel. It could be said that one of the world´s greatest nations, the US of A, has been built on these three classic elements. In a new frontier, it was a  land of untold opportunity conquered through sheer brute force. Kinda sexy, don’t you think?

If you’re a fan of the golden age of Hollywood and a kick-ass western, you’ll know the struggles well. Back in the day, it  was a violent time pitting native Indians against rugged Cowboys for control of the Wild West.

This quintessentially American genre inspired SOCKM´s new spring – summer collection, with eagles, revolvers, buffalos, plumes and arrows. The collection’s raw material, the luxury Egyptian cotton Makò, together with the beautifully crafted old school designs makes “Dust and Guns” essential for those wanting to ride the latest trends with three design types;

THE BOLD ONES, a striking cut for those wanting to make a real statement

THE LIGHT ONES, a standard, discreet cut

THE INVISIBLE ONES, a cut that rides low and is hidden by the shoe


Let the games begin. Cowboys versus Indians. Conventionality versus the untamed. Socks, those traditionally sober pieces of clothing, liberated by free spirits. All set to classic Hollywood westerns, an old school imagery, and symbols of the struggle between plume and the pistol over an indomitable land the both wanted to call home.

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Well, I’ve changed my mind about socks… Sockm socks, at least. Not to be tucked away inside boots for the Winter, or the Spring, but let out in kick-ass abandon – as free as a Prairie dog. Get your dose of ‘Thelma and Louise’ or bring back the wild west in a apir of uniquely Sockm socks.

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