We need not begin with a long preamble discussing just how COVID has upended all of our lives, as this can sometimes feel a little insensitive. Being under lockdown is no fun… or is it?

You may be struggling with working from home and feeling unable to go and enjoy the things you used to. Of course, tragically, some people have lost family members and are struggling every day with that. This isn’t to discount your issues under lockdown or their worth at all.

That being said, complaining and understanding the difficulties we face are two completely separate considerations. Socializing under lockdown is perhaps one of the hardest things to substitute. It’s because proximity is often what makes relationships so good. And, of course, that is unwise in the present day.

Is socializing under lockdown possible, then? Or is it not worth asking a question such as this, for fear of seeming a little silly? Well, while there are no perfect solutions, there are a few techniques you can use to help you connect to people you love and miss. Let’s consider what they may be:

Video Conferencing Under Lockdown

Video conference apps can be a great means of ensuring regular contact with people you care for. Discord is an ever-growing and popular chat app, first used for gamers, but now a fully-form Skype alternative, offering video conference possibilities up to 1080p. Furthermore, Zoom has been known as the easily-accessible and friendly video conferencing app available, helping teams, schools and families reconnect with one another. Download these apps, and recommend that your family do, as well. Speaking to your family members and friends in this context can be a fantastic means of reconnecting, and seeing them face to face.

Community Activities Under Lockdown

Community activities can also help you feel a little more connected to the people around you. But how are you supposed to focus on these when community proximity is perhaps the most important thing to avoid right now? Well, it could be that you decide to run a local charity drive for people to throw out their old belongings. Or maybe you can attend local groups through online conferencing means, speak to a neighbor over the fence, or simply donate to an initiative in your area. It could be that making deserts with nang delivery can help you feed a friend. Take what you can – it will help you feel connected to those around you when under lockdown.

Fun Correspondence Under Lockdown

It can be nice to make use of fun correspondence measures from time to time, too. For instance, you might decide to begin writing letters, in depth, to your nearest and dearest. Provided you give them a light wipe down and recommend your friend does the same (to stay responsible and limit the potential spread of Covid), this can be a great means of connecting and enjoying communication in a more well-thought-out, sincere manner. Proximity might come at a premium these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t correspond with your warmest intent.

With this advice, we hope you can socialize under lockdown in the most responsible manner possible.