Smart gardening doesn’t require fancy technological gadgets to analyse topography, soil nutrients, and the best time of the day to get into the garden. No.

Most people who start gardening as a hobby don’t necessarily understand smart gardening. They assume it won’t be too difficult to get good results the first time around.

In fact, there are a hundred different things that could go wrong and it’s difficult to diagnose what the exact problem could be.

It could be your soil that’s not providing enough nutrients, or you could be watering a tad too much. Gardening conditions can be different for everyone which means that what works for someone else might not work for you.

That’s why every piece of advice on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt. Something might work out fantastically for you, but other things might not.

But it’s clear that everyone makes some mistakes when they’re gardening. In this article, we’ll be going through some smart gardening tips to ensure that your DIY gardening project is a success and won’t cause you to lose time, money or sleep.

smart gardening

Smart Gardening: Start with a plan of what you want to do

It should go without saying that you need a plan for what you want to do. Do you want to grow vegetables? Do you want to grow pretty flowers? Do you want to just tidy up the garden?

There are many different projects that you can get involved with so it’s essential that you sketch up a plan before you decide to invest time and money into it.

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Start by inspiring yourself with online websites, articles and even videos. Most people get into gardening because they want to create something they’ve seen on television or because they’ve been inspired by a friend or family member.

Use that inspiration to get started and look for projects that fit what you want to do.

Understand that you also have limitations, and one of the most important ones is time. If you want to start your own vegetable garden, then it’s going to take a huge time investment so be prepared to sacrifice other things in your life.

However, if you just want to grow some flowers to pretty up the garden, then it’s perfectly doable with just a bit of time every week.


smart gardening

Smart Gardening: Check your conditions first

Everyone’s garden is different and it’s important that you first check the conditions that you’re trying to grow plants in. Depending on how much rainfall you get, the type of soil you’re planting in and even the amount of shade your garden gets, it could completely change how you’re supposed to do your gardening.

One of the things that people seem to forget is that soil has to contain nutrients in order to help plants grow. If your soil is too acidic or alkaline then it can have a major effect on what types of plants you can grow.

If you find that you can’t grow a single thing in your soil, then you may want to consider soil disposal services so that you can put in a fresh batch of soil that has been composted or contains plenty of nutrients to grow your plants.

Moisture is also necessary for certain parts, but you need to ensure that your soil isn’t completely flooded with water and has plenty of ways to drain the water. If you find that water isn’t draining away properly in your soil, then you may want to consider digging ditches or redirecting the water.

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smart gardening

Smart Gardening: Don’t overcrowd your garden

Plants take a long time to grow so it’s understandable if you want to plant a few extra things to get the most out of your time. However, you need to remember that your plants need nutrients from the water, sunlight and soil that you provide them.

If they’re planted too close, then there will be competition for these minerals and some of those plants simply won’t grow and you’ll have to cut them out so that they don’t continue leeching minerals.

We all know that weeds are problematic because, like overcrowding, they suck up nutrients that are needed by the plants we want. However, by overcrowding your plants, you achieve the same effect as having loads of weeds in your garden.

Make sure you double-check the recommended planting distance on your seed packets or look online for some advice. If the leaves of the plants are touching, then there’s a good chance that you’re planting them way too close and you need to separate them a little bit.


smart gardening

Smart Gardening: Don’t allow pests and rodents to roam free

We all know how annoying pests can be in your home, but pests can also be a nuisance in the garden as well. Make sure you inspect your garden for pests and look for ways to get rid of them.

Some infections and pests can wipe out your harvest and you’ll be left with plants that are riddled with holes and completely dead. Take countermeasures seriously and learn to identify the threats in your garden.

Pests can be unpredictable. One season you might not see a single pest, and the next your entire garden might be a feast for whatever pests and rodents decide to roam past.

While small pests are hard to deter, you can keep larger rodents away from your gardens by finding out where they’re hiding and also by sealing holes in sheds and fences to ensure they haven’t made a home nearby.


smart gardening

Some final words

If you’ve taken up gardening then you’ll want to follow these tips as soon as possible. No one likes to invest time, effort and money into something, only to realise that it’s been a huge waste due to a lack of planning and unfortunate circumstances.

Gardening can be incredibly complicated, so don’t take it lightly! It’s not just about sowing seeds and giving them water. It requires a lot of time and knowledge so if you don’t think you can invest, you may want to stay away from gardening as a hobby.

However, if you’re dedicated and want your own vegetable garden or a backyard that you can be proud of, then these tips will give you an upper hand.