Does your small house space feel cramped and tiny even though you loved it when you first moved in?

Maybe you still remember the day you first fell in love with that seemingly huge bedroom… it was empty at the time. Even small house space can really shrink when you have to step over fitness gear on the floor to reach clothing strewn over the back of a chair. It has you wishing for the good old days when the room was empty, right?

It can be irritating when all the decor inspiration you find is designed for big rooms with high ceilings. You’re struggling to get your wardrobe to fit inside the bedroom, without mentioning the overflooding cabinet in the bathroom and the kitchen cupboard that is too full to shut properly.

It can feel as if your home had a life of its own and was determined to make yours horrible at all cost. But before you take it too personally – believe me, your home holds no grudge against you – there are some interior tips that can help you to glam up the tiniest of spaces.


small house space

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Do you have a small house space? Well… make it hyper-functional

Forget for one second about interior style and go back to the essentials. Each room in your home has a function and consequently, fulfilling this function needs to be the priority Number One for your home decor. “Form follows function” is drummed into architects and interior designers.

A small kitchen, for instance, can become an issue if you don’t know how to make the most of the space available. Start by bringing more natural light into the room, as it’s well known that dark areas are less welcoming.

If you combine natural light, bright or neutral colours schemes, some open shelving and reflective surfaces, you will give the impression of a much bigger kitchen.

Install sliding glass entry doors (or have no internal door) and high cupboards to make the most of any wasted vertical spaces.

Visit places such as IKEA, K-Mart, Target, Bunnings or Howard’s Storage World for innovative in-cupboard storage solutions or great looking storage boxes and tins you can also put on display.

Buy dual purpose furniture such as an ottoman with under-seat storage or a dining table with hinged  ‘leaves’ that can be folded down when not in use.


small house space

Do you have a small house space? Then… Make it to fit your measurements

If you’ve been lovingly purchasing IKEA furniture just to notice that they don’t quite fit in your small rooms, it’s time to realise that you need to use custom-made items instead; The Australian Furniture Directory supply bespoke furniture.

You can rely on their expertise for inspiration and advice when it comes to finding the perfect corner cabinet or sofa for your room measurements. If you’re confident with woodwork, you can also make your shelving units to fit around your walls.


small house space

Interior design and style by Kolenik

Do you have a small house space? Definitely keep it clutter-free

The main reason why your small home is becoming a problem is not size, but lack of free space. In other words, you have too much stuff that takes over your rooms. Decluttering needs to become your priority to keep the rooms welcoming and clear.

However, it’s easier to set rules that avoid clutter in the first place, such as living within your means and having a place for everything. You can live by a simple motto to keep your home spacious: if there’s no place for it, then you don’t need it.


small house space

Interior design and styling by Kolenik

Do you have a small house space? Then… bring some natural elements indoors

Finally, the presence of houseplants and natural materials such as wood or cotton can help to bring your decor together. Admittedly, it may not be the glam-chic bohemian style that you were after but it might be Scandi-inspired Hygge instead. Pale colours and natural fibres can transform a small room into a peaceful place.

So in future, make sure to remember that small homes can be cute and fun too.


small house space

Small Home Interior Design Services

Still stuck or don’t have time? Then give Penelope a call at Plush Design Interiors, an Adelaide-based interior design studio. Use Penelope’s expertise to make your small home look spacious… as well as functional. E-mail or see for fees and testimonials.