Small gardens can be BIG on personality, style, and usefulness… with a few key tips.

In designing small gardens there are different ideas to consider. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden that feels more spacious. In fact, there are many advantages to having a small garden; the biggest being that it’s low maintenance.

It is possible to turn small gardens into havens or practical spaces for kids and pets to play. If you’re wondering how to turn your small garden into something mesmerizing, take a look at these great ideas.

Ideas Perfect for Small Gardens

small gardens

Pot Plants

If you haven’t got much space for plants and flowers to grow, consider pot plants instead. The great thing about pot plants is that they don’t have to be on ground floor level.

So, you could easily attach a shelf to the wall of your house and sit pots on it instead of on the floor. Similarly, you can hang hanging baskets or put mini trees in the corners.

It also means you have a greater selection of plants to choose from. If your plants are in pots, you can move some of them indoors if you choose ones that don’t survive well in cold weather.

small gardens


Patio doesn’t have to be boring. It can be creative and practical at the same time. Having a patio in your back garden means it’s easier to clean up after pets and you’ve got a nice level space for luxuries, like a hot tub.

It can also be great fun for kids. Give them a box of chalks and let them create pictures on your patio floor. It’s easy to wash off and great entertainment for your young ones.

Patios can even look nice indoors, with many people now choosing it for their conservatory flooring.

small gardens

Courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Colorful Furniture

The main problem many people have with small outdoor spaces is that they tend to look a little drab. It isn’t easy to make a small space look exciting, but adding a few pops of color should solve that problem.

Paint your wooden garden chairs bright colors, use patterns on your outdoor tables and don’t be afraid to add some colorful cushions too.

You can even add bright accessories, like outdoor candle holders and plant pots. It can cheer up a small space instantly.

small gardens

Interlocking Zones

Just because patio and decking are practical and grass is fun, it doesn’t mean you’re forced to have one without the other. How about artificial grass with diagonal patio stepping stones across the garden?

Perhaps you could define a dining area with some wood stained decking. You can also use pebble stones or wood chippings to separate areas of the garden to maximize the amount of use to get out of it.

small gardens

Think Tall

Tall objects give the illusion of larger spaces. When it comes to planning your garden space, think tall. Go for tall fences with long trellis’ and tall plants, like sunflowers and hyacinth.

One of the best ways to create the illusion of space and add an air of grandeur is to use a large hedge as a wall. You could even invest in a few potted fruit trees, as long as they don’t grow too wide.

Your space is your own, so be as creative as you can be.

small gardens