Small garden magic can be achieved with some thoughtful planning and fun ideas. Whether you have a small balcony, patio or courtyard, use these easy tips. You’ll find small garden magic is more achievable than you think.

When searching for garden design ideas, you might constantly be met with big projects that you can neither afford nor accommodate. This can be very frustrating if you only have a small garden space or balcony, but still want to create fun, exciting things within the space you have.

Well, look no further! In this blog you will find great ideas for creating a magical atmosphere in a small garden. No more big, unattainable project advice – this time you’re going to actually use the advice you read!

Here is your definitive guide to creating small garden magic.

Use the vertical lines of a space

Space goes up, as well as out. When looking at your garden space, don’t just think of it as a few square feet – consider how high it goes, too. This is also useful if you have a tiny balcony that seemingly can’t house much goodness. Spoiler alert: it can!

By using your garden’s vertical lines, you can grow plenty of plants, add pretty designs and bring the place to life. Even if the square footage of the garden leaves much to be desired, you can create small garden magic. Here are three ways to do it!

  1. Get high shelving on which to store herbs. If you want to grow herbs in your garden – and you definitely should! – you can save on space by growing them in a vertical outdoor shelving unit. Not only does this look adorable, but it leaves ground space for other things.
  2. Foldaway furniture. Foldaway garden furniture doesn’t mean that it won’t be stylish and cool – there are plenty of ergonomically designed outdoor furniture pieces that can be folded away when not in use.
  3. Climbing plants. If you love plants and want to create a jungle in your space, invest in climbing plants such as wisteria or honeysuckle. These will climb the walls in your garden and make it a wall-to-wall slice of heaven.

Make it homely

The lovely thing about small garden magic is the intimacy and homeliness they create. They don’t intimidate guests, they invite them in. Making your small garden into a magical place requires making it totally inviting, warm and welcoming.

How can you achieve this? Here are a few ways…

  • Get a fire pit! Big or small, fire pits are a great way to centralise the space and make it inviting for guests. You can sit and warm your hands while sharing stories around this stylish addition to your garden. Plus, the smokey smell emanates through the whole space, making it feel all the more rustic and homely. You can purchase fire pits cost-effectively through Burnished Projects
  • Incorporate patterns and other fun designs into the garden. Whether these are in chair cushions, outdoor beanbags or other fabrics, incorporating fun patterns that match your style is a great way to make your outside space homely and beautiful.

Final Thoughts

Creating small garden magic doesn’t require a lot of legroom – just a bit of creativity and some inspiration! Follow this guide if you have a tiny garden and fulfill your wildest garden dreams, no matter the size.

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels