Most people want to create more space in their home. Are yo thinking abut moving because you think you’ve outgrown your home? That may not be necessary with these six great suggestions.

If you love your current home and you don’t really want to move to a more expensive house, there are lots of things you can do to create more space and stay where you are…

Decluttering Will Definitely Create More Space

It’s blindingly obvious, but the best way to create more space in your home is to get rid of any stuff you don’t really want or need. It can be difficult to declutter things, especially when they hold sentimental value to you. However, if it means you can stay in the home you love and get more enjoyment out of it as a family, it has to be worth it, right?

Turn Dead Space into Storage

Most homes have a lot of dead space that is just not being used for anything – alcoves being a prime example. So, a really easy way to get more space for your stuff is by turning that dead space into storage. Whether you fill it with bookshelves or turn it into a cupboard, it makes absolute sense to use any spare space you can when you need more room in your home.

Invest in Hidden Storage To Create More Space

Hidden storage in beds and bench seats for sheets, clothing, and other items won’t take up any more space than the existing furniture. Further, they will provide a place to hide some of your clutter.

Switch to Smaller Furniture

On the subject of furniture, it is often a good idea to downsize and buy slightly smaller beds and couches to free up some floor space and make your home feel less crowded. Big couches and huge kingsize beds feel decadent. However, unless you really need them they are just taking up space that you could put to better use.

Get Rid of The TV

If you have a big TV taking up a lot of space, along with the bulky TV unit, invest in the  best home theatre projector you can afford. Get rid of the TV, and replace it with a projector screen. This will allow you to watch your favorite shows in style. However, it can be packed away when not in use so you can reclaim the space.

Extend To Create More Space That’s Purpose-Built

Extending your home is usually cheaper than selling up and buying a house with the same amount of extra square footage. So it is definitely something you should think about exploring (if you have the garden space to expand into and don’t mind having contractors around for a while).

If you already have an attic or basement that isn’t being used, maybe it can be used as a bedroom, family room or whatever is also a really good way to create more space. And it will probably be cheaper than a brand new extension too.

If you need more space in your home, then there is a good chance you can find it. And these ideas will absolutely help you with that, so what are you waiting for?