Whether or not you are a keen gardener, you will likely want to make your garden easy to maintain. You may enjoy gardening but not have the time to attend to it every day to keep the plants alive.

Thus, easy maintenance tips might be what you are looking for. If so, don’t worry this post will have you covered. Here are simple tricks to make your garden easy to maintain.

Source ready to plant flowers and trees

Planting seeds and waiting for your flowers and trees to grow can be a dull experience. You may water them every day and not see progress for ages. Instead of wasting time doing this, you can source the perfect garden plants from a nursery near you. The experts will source and deliver the plants to you so that you can plant them and make your garden bloom with colour and life.

Although it will cut out the rewarding feeling, your flowers will be blooming from day one making your garden easy to maintain. 

Faux grass

Cutting the grass can be one of the most time-consuming garden tasks if you can a lot of grass. You might be a perfectionist and spend hours trimming the edges. 

You can eliminate this task with faux grass. When you source a good product, the faux grass can look real. It can look as good and fresh as real grass. The great thing is that you will not need to maintain or cut it.

However, for even easier maintenance, why not consider composite decking? You can still use faux grass in some areas to add a splash of green, but when you have good decking in your garden, you can get much more use out of the outside space, and the decking itself is simple to keep clean and tidy. 


You can speed up your garden tidy up time by using weed killer. Weeds are something that appears unexpectedly and ruin the entire look of the garden. Instead of wasting time pulling them out, use weed killer to prevent their growth.

Most weedkillers work the same. Thus, it is an inexpensive tip and can save you a lot of time during your garden maintenance. 

Use a water feature

A water feature in the garden is beautiful and practical. If you choose a water feature wisely, then it will make your garden maintenance much easier. 

For instance, if you use a water feature that attracts birds then you might spend hours a week cleaning off dirt and poop that they leave behind. Instead, you could install a sprinkler, which will water the grass and plants and keep them hydrated.

Wood stains

To protect your wood, it will help to use wood stains. It will mean that your wood features last longer and will not require painting. Although painting wooden features can make them look nice, they can easily deteriorate and need painting every year. 

Wood stains can be used on any outside wood feature from decking to fences. This will help your wood last year and not need maintenance every year.

For those looking to make their garden easier to maintain, then use these tips and reduce the time you need to spend refreshing the garden. It can be as simple as eliminating the grass and sourcing ready to plant flowers