A simple smile, either given or received, will do a whole lot more than show off great dental hygiene.

You’ve probably heard about this before, but there are many positive benefits to smiling. One of those benefits is an increased sense of joy and happiness in a simple smile, and this happens scientifically—it’s not magic.

In short, the act of smiling sends a signal to our brain to be more cheerful, and this happens regardless of if it’s a fake smile or a real one. But don’t worry.

This article isn’t going to be ridiculous and claim that smiling will directly help you lose weight because you burn calories doing it or something silly. Instead, it’s going to focus on positivity.

As you may also know, keeping a positive outlook on life is all about maintaining good mental health. This essentially means that you have the ability to learn new things, to be able to express how you feel, and also be able to maintain relationships with people without breaking them due to arguments or stress.

If you can manage your mental health, then you can also build up a positive outlook on life.

Below, we’re going to break down how a positive outlook created from a simple smile can change your entire view on life and the advantages that it offers.

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Rewarding yourself through positivity

Why do we do certain things in life? Why do we decide to buy a pudding knowing that it’ll put us 100 calories over our limit for dinner?

Why do we decide to buy the expensive vegetables instead of the budget ones now and then? It’s all to create a simple smile that will make us happy.

Humans naturally try to reward themselves with positivity. It helps us stay motivated and focused on life.

For instance, if you’re going through a rough time to try and break a smoking habit, then remember that you have an almost infinite amount of help in the form of support from anonymous groups, the internet and also your family.

simple smile

You’re not doing it just for the sake of your own health, but you’re doing it because it will also make those people proud.

By finally reaching your goal, you reward yourself with positivity and happiness. This effect can be euphoric and genuinely amazing, and what does it all lead to? A simple smile.

Instead of rewarding yourself with something like a cake or a brand new pair of shoes, reward yourself with a basic human pleasure: positivity.

Tell yourself that you did a good job, pat yourself on the back, and let other people praise you for doing well in whatever strenuous task you set yourself.

A bit of positivity does marvels for your mental health and it’s a lot better than bluntly receiving a material reward.

Yet like many, you may be conscious about  a less-than-perfect smile. If this is the case, cosmetic treatments such as dental implants can have a major impact on your confidence when you smile.

simple smile

Ensuring you reach your goals

A simple smile is a fantastic way to help you reach your goals. Not only because smiling boosts positivity, but also because smiling can tell you that you’re doing a good job.

For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight, then you might struggle because you sweat a lot, because your muscles ache, and because you’re out of breath after a long and tiring session.

However, once you count up the calories you burned, you’ll feel relieved and a simple smile will confirm you’ve just reached the goals you’ve set for the day.

If you’re positive all throughout your exercise routine, then you’ll undoubtedly be able to reach your goals faster than someone who struggles, curses, and blames other people for their failures.

Positivity can also help if you’re willing to see the better side of things. For example, if you can’t finish your exercise because you’ve got an injury or because you’re just out of breath, then don’t beat yourself up about it.

Be positive and smile, tell yourself that you’re in much better shape than you were a few weeks ago and don’t give up.

You might find that you need a bit of motivation so a simple smile won’t help you with long-term goals such as weight loss. If that’s the case, then why not try this pack of supplements?

Weight loss is largely based on hard work. But it can also be about knowledge and having something to boost your happiness and give you motivation. In this case, dieting products can help improve your motivation and bring you slightly closer to reaching your goals.

Some might call it a placebo effect, others might say that it’s a scam, but the truth is, once you take those supplements and attribute it to weight loss, you’ll feel more positive about your goals than just sweating it out and tiring yourself out every day.

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Spreading the love

Having a conversation and trying not to snap can be difficult, especially if you’re being put in a bad position.

For instance, if you’re at work and an unruly customer is bullying you then it’s easy to frown, get angry and snap at them. This can lead to you losing your job, it could lead to a lawsuit, and you may even be injured if the person is particularly upset.

One of the things you can do is simply just smile. Stay positive, understand that someone else is upset, and try to see the situation in a better light.

Positivity in the face of adversity is difficult to manage, especially when you’re presented a situation that has seemingly no positive outcome. However, that’s when you need to spread the love, give a simple smile, and try to have an ascended understanding of the situation.

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Ask yourself if you’d feel equally frustrated in someone else’s situation and try to look at it from a different angle.

Once you’re able to see things from someone else’s shoes, you’ll realise that life can be tough for everyone. In order to have a positive outlook on life, it’s important to understand the problems and complications other people can experience.

So next time you’re approached by someone that wants to argue, simply smile, understand their situation and try to spread the love by offering a solution that benefits the both of you.