Two simple improvements will help you to love your home again. You don’t have to settle for a house that feels uncomfortable and unwelcoming.

It’s official… love where you live is the modern mantra. A few small and simple improvements will help to get you on the right track. If you achieve these two easy weekend projects, you will look forward to making other simple improvements too.

Improve your home’s outer appearance.

First impressions are everything in life, and this definitely applies to your house. If the exterior design of your property is unappealing, then this will have a negative effect on the overall impression of your home.

You don’t want to feel a sense of disappointment every time you arrive home. Making some simple improvements to your front entry could entirely alter your perception of your home.

Repainting your front door, for instance, could make it seem brand new (it’d also give the surface a new layer of protection from the elements). An inviting entrance is everything.

simple improvements

Planting some flowers on either side of the front path also creates a more pleasant walk up to your front door.

The DIY approach is the key to fixing up your home. This applies to your garden as well as your household interior. Aim to fix up the outdoor space at the back of your property. It’s more than a patch of grass, it’s a part of your home.

Again, a few small changes could mean everything. Creating a cosy patio area is a good place to start. It’ll give you an outdoor lounge area and a place to relax. Check out Channel-IT for some outdoor patio blinds that can be expanded or retracted.

This would give you the opportunity to open up your patio area on warm days and hide it away when the cold weather comes.

Fix the lighting.

Poor lighting is something that seems small and insignificant but actually has a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home. Even a well-designed room can be ruined by ineffective lighting.

If you have a lack of natural light or need brighter light at night, then consider painting some or all of your walls white. This will naturally reflect light and make rooms look brighter.

simple improvements

But what do you do when the sun goes down? Your artificial lighting needs to be effective too. Task lighting should be used in areas of work such as a study or in the kitchen. Strip and pendant lighting can be used to focus light on kitchen counter tops when preparing food.

Ambient lighting is used for creating a mood and General lighting is usually installed in the ceiling. Softer lighting should be used in places of relaxation such as the living room or the bedroom. It’s all about creating the right mood and atmosphere

When it comes to improving the interior and exterior design of your home, you might not have to make as many changes as you imagine.

In many cases, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a full-scale renovation. Often, a few small changes could mean everything. The examples we’ve given should have made that a little clearer.