It’s the simple details that can often make all the difference. Don’t overthink a solution for interiors or the garden when something easy may give the best results.

Are you eager to transform your garden into a stunning space? Perhaps even make the neighbours a little green with envy? You might think you need to make massive changes to your garden. Luckily simple details may be all that is required.

You’re about to discover that those big garden overhauls won’t mean much if you don’t get the little details right. Here, let me show you what I mean, and we can start by thinking about the flowers in your backyard.

simple details

Devilishly Simple Details Explained

Sowing The Right Seeds

I’m sure you’re eager to add more flowers to your garden to give it a little extra colour and life. That’s a great idea, but what are the key details here to consider? Well, you can start by thinking about where you’re going to plant those flowers.

You have a few a choices because you could use the flowers to frame your patch of green beautifully. Plant the flowers along the edge of your garden and, assuming you don’t have kids running wild, this will look wonderful.

Container gardening is very popular for pots of flowering colour around patios, along the driveway and paths, or even near a swimming pool. You can choose from a varuety of container sizes and textures to suit your garden. Place some pebbles on the bottom of the pot, fill with high-quality potting mix and plant away.

Also think about choosing the right flowers for your garden – right for the soil type, weather, and topography. Remember, exotic plants are far more colourful, and if you have the right climate for them to grow, they could be the ideal choice. Fascicularia can be a real stunner when added to your garden, in the right climate. Plant bee and bird atrracing plants for a healthier garden and don’t over water.

simple details

Adding A Deck

Decks are hugely popular additions to any back garden. They provide a wonderful part of the garden in which to lay back and enoy the good weather, read a book, or entertain friends.

However, building the deck isn’t enough. You have to make sure that it looks beautiful and the best way to do this is to make sure you are regularly, sanding, varnishing and polishing your deck. Sanding down the deck will reveal new shades of colour and add exciting new shades to your garden.

Businesses like Brisbane Timber Floors floor sanding and polishing company can help you reach the true potential of your deck. One of the worst things you can do with your deck is overcrowd it.

Add a few pieces of furniture but don’t turn it into a dead plant museum. Instead, let the deck speak for itself and become a centrepiece of your garden design

simple details

This Little Light Of Mine

Don’t just think about what your garden looks at midday. Consider how it appears in the evening as well, as the sun begins to drift down from the sky. One of the best ways to ensure that your garden is eye-catching in the evening is with a little lighting.

Beautiful LED lighting set up around your yard will keep it eye-catching all through the evening. Worried about power bills? There’s no need with the latest energy-saving and solar lighting.

I hope you can see that the devil really is in the simple details when setting up a functional and beautiful garden to enjoy over the summer months.