Shandra Smith admits it’s been a big year. The Canadian artist and designer, know for her bold and graphic style, is seeing her versatile designs selling well in home, hospitality, and fashion industries. She says she feels as though she’s really hitting her stride.

With colourful and dynamic designs, Shandra Smith has seen her work translated into large format wall murals and wallpaper right down to funky footwear. It seems everyone wants a piece – big or small – of this increasingly successful artist. Hotel rooms, lampshades, and a Canadian wine label have also seen the distinctive Sandra Smith design aesthetic applied.

“I’m currently working on new collaborations,” she says, “including designs for a book series and textiles for the bedding industry”.

To begin her process, Shandra Smith creates a little “scene” with any matter of colorful objects – foam circles, post-it notes, party streamers – whatever takes her fancy that day. She then photographs it, and starts to “play” with the design on her computer, creating mesmerizing layers and colors that make her designs so eye-catching and beautiful.

Sandra Smith, a British Columbia artist sits in her favourite room in West Kelowna, B.C. on Thursday October 22, 2015.  The log house  over looks Lake Okanagan and the City of Kelowna. (Jeff Bassett for The Globe and Mail) Globe and Mail Photo Assignment: 104307 with Slug: “My Favourite Room”.

“I find the colorful designs I’m creating to be free and unrestricting – and full of life and vibrancy… an escape from everyday life. The work is personal, but also lighthearted and fun. I want to live out loud and colourfully – and I can express that through my work”.

In 2016, Shandra has worked on some exciting projects including;

A collaboration with Hotel Zed, a boutique hotel in Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada). There are three Shandra Smith murals in the public spaces and wall art featured in 55 guest rooms.

Shandra’s ‘Bloom’ design is featured on cool, slip-on canvas sneakers from American shoe company, BucketFeet, available on-line and in the Phillipines.

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A series of 27 designs are available as wall murals or wallpaper via UK-based WallSauce – a super hot trend right now. The Shandra Smith designs are eye-catching enough to create relatively inexpensive feature walls for virtually any room.

A collaboration with UK-based Scarlet & Fern who have for sale a bespoke ‘Shandra Smith’ lampshade.

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