A sexy redhead is what everyone wants to be this season, so you’ll need tips on how to take care of your vibrant mane.

Being a sexy redhead is one of the hardest hair colours to manage. Unless you are a natural redhead, red hair fades quickly, regrowth is more obvious, and some colours may stain sheets and towels. So always consult your hairdressing professional before going down the sexy redhead path.

Shampoos and conditioners are your primary weapon. Your hair may be coarse, fine, curly, long, oily… and you need a shampoo and conditioner that not only cares for your hair type, it must also care for your hair colour.

Gain inspiration for being a sexy redhead from Jessica Rabbit, Jessica Chastain, or Jessica Hamby.. yes… you need to be named Jessica.. or any Irish or Scottish gals you may know. There is such a glorious variety of sexy redhead tones – from deep glossy siren red to a pale feminine ginger. And they all look AMAZING!

Sexy Redhead : Colour Depositing Shampoos

Regardless of whether you colour your hair or you are a natural redhead, you may have to contend with colour loss. As well as looking after the condition of your hair, there are color depositing shampoos to help you. Quantum has ‘Riveting Reds’ color depositing shampoo for sexy redheads wich can be purchased online. This product promises to add shine, reduce frizz, and add moisture as well as color.

Pure Blends has a hydrating color depositing shampoo available in different shades; Chestnut, Cherry, and Red. Davines has a unisex color depositing shampoo,  Davines Unisex Alchemic Shampoo Red for natural and colored hair… although why it has to be branded ‘unisex’ is anyone’s guess. In any event, it’s Italian, it’s luxurious and it’s available.

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Sexy Redhead : Skincare

Honestly, I don’t know why EVERYONE doesn’t love a redhead. I’m sold. I love redheads. Often redheads have pale or sun-sensitive skin so it needs care, not to mention lots of sunscreen. I’m not a redhead but I do have pale skin. I have several fave products to recommend;

Olive skincare – made from pure olives, and a great price point starting from just $14.95

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup and Skincare – originally developed for people with burns, this makeup IS skincare. Divine.

Alpha-Keri – cleansing minerals, moisturising creams, and sugar scrubs for shower, body and cellulite. Fragrance free and fabulous.

Are you a sexy redhead?

What products do you recommend for hair and skin? How do you look after your red mane? We’d love your tips.

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