Selling your home is stressful. From doubts about staging it correctly to being on the market too long, you may need some tips to showcase your home and get it SOLD!

Let’s admit it, when selling your home you may fear that it won’t sell fast or rake in the amount you expect. This could be due to minor details or poor marketing. You don’t know what will pop up via a home inspection that needs changing or altering for safety.  

However, there are lots of positives and the great feeling knowing that you can do a lot yourself to attract potential home buyers.  There are low-cost improvements to implement yourself that will greatly improve the look of your home. It may be something simple like changing the furniture or adding a lick of paint. Perhaps selling your home requires bigger upgrades such as gas supplies and mod cons that will help your home sell so check out

Greater returns may be required so building an addition or an attic conversion will ensure that you have more space in the house, even a valuable extra bedroom. A bathroom upgrade is often preferable and as everyone wants a functional and well designed kitchen and bathroom. 

Selling Your Home Faster

Enjoy simple changes outside of the home such as: 

  • Adding colour with annuals, flowers, roses, shrubs, get some colour in there! 
  • Removing weeds from your yard, watering it, applying fertilizer, and keeping things green will be good. These minor details make a world of difference and buyers will notice! 
  • Mowing the lawn on a regular basis will give the house a well maintained look instead of looking neglected. 
  • Planting a few trees and plants around the garden will give a luscious impression. 
  • Edge the lawn to create a neat and attractive appearance and improve roadside appeal. 

Improve the kitchen with these little tips: 

  • Paint well, including your kitchen cabinets, trim, moldings, alcoves and any parts of doorways that are looking scratty. You will find the most used rooms of course need more maintenance and a lick of paint can work wonders. You may want to look at blues and greens as they seem to be the easiest to keep upto in terms of redecorating and keeping clean. 
  • Don’t have lots of your own family photos around. This will not be helpful for buyers as it seems as if you have already made your mark on the property and it belongs to you. Keep it a blank canvas as much as you can which includes removing political or religious décor, and memorabilia. Allow buyers to feel as if they can walk in tomorrow and make it theirs. 
  • Clean the countertops and keep everywhere clean! Cleanliness is key as nobody wants to buy a dirty home unless it’s a work in progress and is excellent value for money.  Examine your kitchen and entire house for cracks, dirt, grout issues, and fix the issue. 

Selling your home means getting it ready for the next buyer sooner. The start to look to the future for your own new home!