Seasonal maintenance will keep your home looking more like a palace. Your home is your castle. It represents you in terms of decor, furniture and how it feels when you walk in the door. So keep in looking and feeling special with a few simple tips.

It’s your private space so the last thing that you want is to feel like it’s a messy one. No one likes a messy home so seasonal maintenance supplements your usual chores:

  • Sweeping
  • Dusting
  • Wiping surfaces
  • Vacuuming

Regular cleaning keeps your home well-maintained and clean. The better you keep your home, the less you have to deal with in terms of mould, musty smells and dirt in the corners.

Home maintenance is important because otherwise you are going to end up with a house in disrepair. With that in mind, let’s look at some seasonal maintenance tips that you really cannot miss.

Roof & Guttering – Check It!

You may not consider how important the roof is to your home beyond keeping you dry. However, without proper and regular maintenance, you won’t be dry any longer!

Call in the professionals and have your gutters cleaned out every six months. Additionally, f you have had a storm, get the roof tiles checked out.

See To Your Appliances

As part of your home maintenance, you need to consider your kitchen appliances.

Electrolux parts are on offer online if your maintenance involves some light repairs. The kitchen needs as much TLC as anywhere else, and it goes beyond the flooring and cabinets!

Dusting Is A Must Thing

The kitchen vents are very easy to forget, but they have the annoying habit of collecting a ton of dust. You should consider getting them cleaned. It’s not a big job; it requires the vent covers being taken off, the vents to be dusted and vacuumed and the covers replaced again.

Carpet Deep Clean

Carpets get a lot of traffic through the house, and it’s these that are ingrained with dirt and debris. You need to deep clean them regularly with a shampoo and a carpet cleaner if possible.

The constant contact on the carpets can wear them down, but by keeping them in good condition, you can see them last longer. And remember, your seasonal maintenance should include turning rugs over and vacuuming the underside. Dirt does get ingrained under the rug.

For a small charge, you can rent carpet cleaner to get it done without hands and knees scrubbing, too. Not only is it good for the carpets, it’s better for the air quality to get the carpets cleaned regularly.

HVAC Maintenance

You don’t have to wait around for the HVAC to go on the fritz to get it cleaned and fixed. In fact, it’s cheaper if you call someone out to check it twice a year and ensure it’s all working correctly. The HVAC controls both your heating and air conditioning; the last thing that you need is for this to stop working properly.

Your seasonal maintenance needs to be regular enough to keep your home running well and your costs down. Grab a mop – it’s clean up time!