Sea activities can be as easy or as challenging as you desire. From a gentle frolick, swimming with the dog or a competitive ‘jetty-to-jetty’ water race, being in and around the sea brings many health benefits.

The ocean is vast, and it is one of the first places we all run to when the summer comes around. Sea activities give you an endorphin boost and expose your body to Vitamin D, which the body requires almost daily.

Swimming in the sea and being on the beach is the epitome of summer fun, and the atmosphere on the coast is always magical, relaxing or exciting depending on what yu’re doing.

sea activities

If you are planning to stay near the sea for your holiday this year, here are some of the sea activities you can do for fun and fitness.


The most obvious and most popular thing to do in the ocean is swimming. When we go swimming it can be incredibly refreshing and freeing.

sea activities

Being in the open water and enjoy the sun beating down on your back is the best feeling, and it can be a wonderful way to stay fit during the summer months. Grab your trunks or your bikini this year and see how long you can swim for!

Rock Pooling

If you don’t fancy swimming in the sea, you can also have some fun with wildlife at the seaside by going rockpooling. Rock Pools are small pools which form as the tide washes out each day, and these pools will often contain small sea creatures such as crabs, fish and anemone.

If you have kids this can be a wonderful opportunity to show them the different life in the sea and allow them to learn about animals in their true environment.

It can be fun seeing how many different animals you can find during your time and you’ll be able to see some really awesome creatures!


If you have always wanted to go underneath the waves but are too afraid to try a scuba dive, you can buy yourself a snorkel from Ninja Shark and dive around in the sea and breathe underwater.

sea activities

Great Barrier Reef With Sea Life

You’ll be able to enjoy seeing the different colours and creatures below without venturing too far, and you don’t have to pay any fees for it!

Scuba diving

If you are an adrenaline junkie and you love to dive into the unknown, you have to go scuba diving during your time at the seaside.

Find a scuba diving class nearby and you will be able to dive into the sea to view some incredible coral reefs and even swim amongst sharks. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will honestly be one of the best things you can ever do.


For the sporty amongst you, why not take some time to try some fun water sports such as water gliding and water skiing. You can find water sports clubs around most seasides and you will be able to enjoy trying out some new activities.

sea activities

Even if you are rubbish at them and fall into the water every few seconds, it will still be a fun way to spend the day and you will be able to have a laugh with the family.

So why not grab a wetsuit and some goggles today, and get yourself into the sea for a fun summer day!