Scandi design has taken the world by storm – a wonderfully Scandinavian storm. We are now learning things the Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians have known for centuries.

When attempting to design your home to exude peace, serenity, and positivity, you should turn to the Danes for guidance and help in creating Scandi design.

Being one of the happiest nations on the planet, the Danes have perfected and coined their own interior design trend, aptly named Scandinavian Interior Design, which is quickly taking over the world.

Its staggering growth in popularity can be attributed to its use of contemporary elements in combination with traditional, pure, and clean décor choices that imbue every room with peace and positivity.

The Scandi design trend is aimed at elevating your mood, decreasing stress levels, instilling happiness and facilitating mental clarity on a daily basis. Today, let’s take a look at how you can dress your bedroom in timeless, Scandi design.

Let the sunshine in

The foundation of a beautiful, peaceful Scandi bedroom lies in the amount of natural light you allow to permeate the setting during the day.

Waking up in a blindfolded room will only set the stage for an unproductive day, so you should not only make sure to mount only light window treatments, but also consider expanding the window scheme to cover the entire wall.

Additionally, you can replace your solid bedroom door with a grained glass model in order to let light flow through the house. In order to maintain positivity in the evening as well, be sure to switch out any bright light bulbs with their softer counterparts that cast a warm glow.

Stick to a serene colour scheme

Nurturing a relationship with light, minimalism, purity, and cleanliness is extremely important here, so the colour scheme of the room, although vivid, should be comprised of lighter hues.

By sticking to beautiful white walls, you will set the stage for any future accents you want to introduce into the bedroom, whether via rugs, throws, curtains, etc.

To contrast the white foundation, the floors should boast a light wood design, allowing you to nurture a relationship with nature (a big element of Scandi design as well) as well as introduce new contrasting elements around the room.

Nurture your relationship with nature

Speaking of wooden floors, they only serve as a base for beautiful greenery and light brown elements you’re going to add to the room.

Be creative and introduce potted plants in the corners, on the shelves and the windowsill, with beautiful flowers rising from an ornate vase on the bedside table.

Make yourself comfortable

The Scandi design relies on comfort above everything else. Not only should the entire bedroom depict a serene setting through light and colours, but it should further accentuate the rich ambiance with fluffy blankets, throws and decorative pillows.

Be sure to look for clean, comfortable mattresses that will further increase the comfy feeling and don’t forget to add thick wool throws and linen pillows, and even sheepskin draped over the sides.

For an added touch, introduce a beige or light grey armchair in the corner, or even a contrasting chaise lounge.

Accentuate with unique elements

While the Scandi design thrives under simplicity and minimalism, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create a truly unique ambiance imbued with a dash of personality and flair.

Think monochromatic decorative elements such as framed quote art, mirrors, and freestanding lights.

Furthermore, you can enrich the setting with a beautiful wooden bibliotheca containing your favourite books, magazines and even ornate details such as picture frames or various collectibles.

The possibilities are endless, simply let your imagination run free. But be sure not to overdo it, as you want to preserve the tranquil nature of the design.

Creating positivity, serenity, and peace in your home has never been easier than with timeless Scandi design. By implementing these essential tips, you will not only create a healthy living environment, but you will also enrich your bedroom design with timeless charm and aesthetic appeal.

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