A safe stylish pool can be of great value if you want to keep fit, have a place to relax, or if you love to entertain lots of friends. So, can you have a pool that’s safe AND stylish? Safety doesn’t have to forgo style.

Safe Stylish Pool: If you have a pool in your backyard, keeping it safe is essential. Even though safety is more important than aesthetics, you still want your pool to look stylish.

Fortunately, making sure that it’s safe won’t stop you from designing a stylish pool that you love to use and show off to others. You can make sure your pool is as safe as possible without compromising its design.

safe stylish pool

Whether you’re installing a brand new pool or you need to make some changes to an existing one, take a look at the ways you can create a safe stylish pool for summer.

Use the Right Contractors

If you’re building a new pool, start by making sure that you use the right contractor. There are lots of possibilities, so choose one that will be able to build the safe stylish pool you desire.

safe stylish pool

If you want a luxury pool, select swimming pool builders who specialise in luxury designs. They’ll know how to design and build a pool that looks amazing and includes the safety features that you need.

You should be able to take a look at a portfolio or gallery of previous work they’ve done so that you can see some examples of what they could do for you.

Install a Stylish Fence

A fence is one of the best ways you can make your pool safer. As well as having your entire outdoor space fenced in, a fence around the perimeter of your pool will increase its safety.

safe stylish pool

It can also look super stylish, with lots of options available. A fence with glass panels will still allow your pool to shine through, while maintaining safety.

As well as a fence, secure gates will help you to keep children or pets from going near the pool without supervision.

Use a Smart Pool Cover

A pool cover is another great way to keep a safe stylish pool. It also helps to keep the pool clean. Pool covers can look a bit dull, but there are stylish options available.

Although they’re the most expensive, automatic pool covers are a good option. They’re custom-made to fit your pool, and you can close them with the touch of a button.

safe stylish pool

But even the more affordable pool cover options can be stylish, with a choice of colours that will allow you to customise your pool when the cover is on.

More styles and colours and available than there used to be before demand for more stylish options grew.

Get a Discreet Pool Alarm

Pool alarms help to keep your pool safe. There are lots of discreet options that won’t stand out too much. Some of them are designed to be installed at access points, like doors, gates or even windows.

safe stylish pool

Mosaic Glass Pool Tiles from Beaumont Tiles

Others are meant to detect the movement of the water when someone gets (or falls) into the pool. Both types of alarm can be useful for a safe stylish pool without changing its look.

Keeping your pool safe doesn’t have to make it look ugly. It can be stylish and safe at the same time.