Room Makeovers: Breathe Life and Style into Each Room of Your Home

New Year, new interior design, right? Right. The time is better than ever for room makeovers to freshen up your interior and bring your home back to its former glory, or even make it shine in a completely new light.

Fortunately, for you, room makeovers don’t have to be expensive projects – you simply need a few trendy ideas you can incorporate into your existing decor.

From the bedroom all the way to the dining room, there are plenty of small changes you can implement that will breathe new life and style into your home. Here is a room-by-room guide on how to give your house a proper makeover your family will love and the neighbours will want to steal.

room makeovers

An intimate bedroom

The bedroom is a place of peace and positivity, but beyond that, it needs to be a place of unrivalled comfort and intimacy. This is your safe haven, and a sacred place. To make it truly unique and freshen up its style, you want to introduce some minor changes to the layout, the furniture, and the accents.

Start by thinking about symmetry. You want to establish order and organization throughout the room, making sure you eliminate any physical clutter. Physical clutter can quickly become emotional stress, so not only do you want to keep the room tidy, but you also want to introduce style and comfort.

Think about wall art that would complement the setting, and update your bed with new sheets, throws, and silk covers.

room makeovers

A charming kitchen

The kitchen, on the other hand, needs to be a wide and open space, a welcoming setting where family members will want to spend their mornings drinking coffee, having breakfast, and getting ready to conquer the day ahead.

To that end, you want to open up the design with a bright colour palette, creating a focal point with the backsplash and letting the hues expand from there.

You can also introduce open storage spaces, where you can show off your stylish plates, bowls and cups, while a curtain rod above the sink area can serve as an excellent place to hang your pots and pans.

room makeovers

A welcoming living room

The living room is a place where the entire family comes together, a place where lifelong memories are created, and where you will want to host a party, or a lazy movie night with your significant other. Therefore, the room makeovers design needs to portray freedom, comfort, and a welcoming setting.

To that end, you want to introduce perfect furniture pieces that will tie the space together, such as a grand couch and a couple of complementary lounges on the sides, all in a neutral hue that will go well with the wall design.

And speaking of walls, choose a patterned wallpaper that will break the monotony of the room and create a positive, serene environment.

room makeovers

A bathroom oasis

The bathroom is meant to be an intimate space, a serene oasis where you can relax, de-stress, and forget about the troubles of everyday life. So don’t just settle for a traditional all-white look, but get creative and re-invent the space altogether.

Start with the walls and choose a darker hue you can later open up with bright accents such as an elegant freestanding bath, or a marble vanity with a full oak body.

You also want plenty of natural light to permeate the room, and don’t forget to enrich the setting with various greenery scattered in the corners. Place a vase with a colourful bouquet on the vanity and you’re all done.

room makeovers

An inspiring dining room

Finally, the dining room is a place where the family can come together after a long day, and enjoy a warm meal over an interesting conversation. In order to inspire positivity and communication, you want to illuminate the place copiously, preferably with a chandelier above the dining table.

The table itself can boast a beautiful lacquer mahogany colour, with the cabinets and the chairs in complementary hues. Place a set of candle holders on the dining table and introduce full-length curtains on the windows for added intimacy.

The New Year is finally here and now is the time to freshen up your interior design and fall in love with your home once again.

Be sure to follow these new trends for room makeovers and you will have no problem giving your home the style it deserves.

room makeovers

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