Are you one of the many people who hate going to the dentist? Yep, the idea of a strange man or woman poking around in your mouth never seems appealing.

And, they don’t help their cause when the drill starts up and he or she begins digging for gold. “Excuse me, it hurts!” Well, dentists may not have the best publicists in the world, but that doesn’t make them less essential. In a sick twist of fate, a dentist may be the difference between you leading a healthy or unhealthy life. Through your mouth, they really can revolutionise your health.

Sorry, but here are four reasons a psycho with a scalpel can revolutionise your well-being.

Give Me A Smile

It’s easier to smile than frown, and it’s also better for your mental health. Smiling invokes hormones which improve a person’s mood and makes them happier.

When was the last time you laughed at something horrible, you sicko?! Overall, there are lots of benefits to feeling good, but greater confidence is probably the best. Firstly, Dental Essence points out that people who are ashamed of their smile tend to take a back seat. As a result, they don’t mix or socialise as well as people with picture perfect teeth.

Also, a negative mental attitude can affect every aspect of your life, including exercise. We all know that when the mood isn’t right, the gym is the last thing on the list. So even smiling can, in a small way, revolutionise your health. Thanks to the dentist. Who knew?

revolutionise your health

What’s Your Diet?

Losing weight is a benefit which you would associate with a general practitioner or a dietician. Dentists don’t get the credit they deserve regarding helping people lose weight.

For starters, although a trip to a dentist isn’t pleasant, no one wants to make a bad impression. So, to keep teeth clean and healthy, the majority of men, women and children cut out junk food before going to the dentist.

Consuming fewer calories helps both oral hygiene and losing weight. Secondly, a dentist can provide advice on which foods have a higher nutritional value which really WILL revolutionise your health.

revolutionise your health

Second Opinion, Please

Typically, a session in a dentist’s chair is not a session but a small part of the day. A check-up is all you need to keep teeth and gums healthy. However, some people are in credit to their dentists with their lives.

Illnesses and diseases show up all over the body, from the stomach to the mouth. If you don’t see a professional on a semi-regular basis, potentially fatal symptoms may go unnoticed. Not to scare you because that isn’t the point.

The point is that ailments don’t discriminate, which is a why a dentist is as important as a GP. You may be surprised to know that a significant number of illnesses access the body via the mouth. Don’t think a dentist will revolutionise your health? Think again.

revolutionise your health

I See A Pattern

Finally, a check-up should take place once every couple of months. Even though it seems benign, it’s the beginning of a routine. In life, a cycle is essential to your health because it encourages good habits.

And, it doesn’t stop with your oral hygiene. Going to the dentist should persuade you to visit the doctor more often, as well as eat and drink healthier. Overall, the impacts of regular check-ups and a more robust diet are priceless.

If you don’t already, now is the time to book an appointment.

revolutionise your health