Rental property management just got a whole lot smarter. Do you own a rental property? Are you thinking of purchasing one? Are you a Property Manager? If so, I have some great advice for you.

When your hard-earned money is used to buy a rental property, you want to keep your investment safe, right? You may have engaged a Property Manager and you will rely on them to choose the right tenants, make regular inspections, provide reports, and advise on maintenance.

rental property management

The issue with many successful Property Managers is they have LOTS of rental properties on their books. It’s a stressful job dealing with tenants, maintenance, tradespeople, and inspections but that’s what you’re paying them for. So how can you be sure they are looking after YOUR best interests?

New Rental Property Management App

There’s Home Inspection and Property Management Software called Inspection Manager and it’s pretty cool. Inspection Manager helps Property Managers to work smarter, not harder.

So how does this help you, the property owner? Well, Inspection Manager is an app… but it’s not just an app. When a user of the app walks into a rental property they can;

– take photos instantly

– tap icons to denote the condition of the property

– make comments

– highlight problem areas

– compare the property condition with previous reports

– take notes

– use a voice-to-text function to compile reports

– organize reports into individual property folders

– finalise the report with a personalised template

– file it

– e-mail the report directly to you

Further, the Inspection Manager app sits alongside any Trust Accounting system and integrates with leading property software. So you’ll know that your rental property management records are being kept with the highest possible integrity.

rental property management

Rental Property Management Made Easy

So why use a home inspection app? Saving time with technology is something most of us are now used to every day. However having a rental property has usually meant higher stress levels, waiting on reports, worrying about maintenance, and relying on the professionalism of the Property Manager.

Ask your Property Manager if they use the Inspection Manager app. It will help them schedule inspections, provide faster personalised feedback to you, and will integrate with their current accounting and property software.

If your Property Manager is NOT using the Inspection Manager app, then think about the service they are providing to you. Could it be better? Are you satisfied with the rental property management of your valuable real estate? Are you secure in the knowledge that tenants are looking after your rental property?

I can’t tell you whether you’re happy with your current arrangement. But, I can tell you that the Inspection Manager app and software is revolutionising home inspections for leading real estate companies across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA. You be the judge.

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This article was written with support from Inspection Manager.

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