You’ll need good renovation tidy tips when you live in a home during a renovation. The excitement of having a new room or extension will fall short when you see the debris caused.

Time for renovation tidy tips because it won’t only be the air that’s filled with excitement when you’re renovating. Your home will be filled with dust too. Not only in the air but all over your walls and floor too.

Then there are other pieces of debris to consider, from wallpaper peelings to pieces of wood and plastic. Keeping your home clean and tidy won’t be an easy task. Still, it’s not impossible.

So, whether you’re renovating your bathroom into a spa-like area, or giving your living room a makeover, here are some simple tips for keeping your home (reasonably) clean and tidy during a renovation project.

#1: Remove anything you don’t need

From pieces of furniture to items of clothing, remove anything you won’t be needing during your project. Put them in the garage, or pay for storage if you have to.

renovation tidy tips

There will be less to get dirty and dusty, so you won’t have to spend an age cleaning them after your project has been completed.

#2: Have a daily cleanup

Before leaving your work area for the day, make sure it’s as clean and as tidy as possible. There will be less chance of debris getting carried to other parts of the house when you’re moving to and fro. So you will have less to clean later.

Be sure to contact a skip bins rental service for any loose debris too. Not only will less clutter build up, but the room you are renovating will also become less of a health and safety nightmare. 

#3: Cover furnishings in plastic

You might struggle to remove larger pieces of furniture from your room. So to both protect them and to keep them clean, cover these items in plastic to prevent dust and debris getting into any cracks or crevices.

renovation tidy tips

The finish on wooden items might only get dulled otherwise. You may also struggle to retain the colours on any fabric items once dust has permeated into them.

#4: Take steps to isolate the mess

You don’t want the dust and debris from the renovation area spreading through your home. So seal off the room using plastic sheeting or heavy tarping over your door frames.

Wear a different pair of shoes when you’re working, and protective clothing over your regular outfit. This way, you can take them off at the door of the renovation area, so you aren’t carrying the dirt and dust around the house with you. 

#5: Work outside as much as possible

Not only is this safer from a health and safety standpoint (you will be breathing in less dust and toxic fumes),  but you will also maintain a cleaner home.

renovation tidy tips

So, for any jobs that can be done in your outdoor space, such as cutting and sanding pieces of wood, do so if the weather permits to keep the majority of your dust and debris outside.

Do you have any other renovation tidy tips for our readers? If you have found ways to keep a clean home during a renovation project, let us know your ideas in the comments section below