Mat Dusting wasn’t planning to create anything remarkably desirable, he just needed a solution to a personal problem. Using resources discarded by others, he unwittingly created a new business… and something remarkably desirable in the process.

Unemployed and kicking around the family farm in the West Country of England, Mat Dusting was sick of his snow boarding bags tearing at the first sign of stress. He needed something in which he could safely carry ski and snow board equipment aboard flights and not worry that their contents would spill in transit, or all over the airport carousel.

Lying around the farm, Mat found disused a truck tarpaulin made from heavy-duty, PVC’d fabric that was very tough. Great material for what he needed, but truck tarpaulins are big, heavy and unwieldy. Being disused, they are also incredibly dirty and full of metal rivets. In three years, Mat has made something remarkably desirable out of old truck tarpaulins and created a growing business employing several people and freelance designers in the process.

So what is the best us for disused truck tarpaulins? Find out now.

Listen to the Mat Dusting M-24 Podcast on our sister site, The Style Podcast.

The remarkable journey taken by Mat was not what he had planned. You’ll hear in the interview how the remarkably desirable M-24 bags are now sold all over the world. Mat has developed a small cleaning factory and a place for sewing this industrial fabric. Freelance designers have contributed bag ideas and designs, and there are now 12 products in the collection.

Enough from me, please listen to this great podcast – direct from the UK – on The Style Podcast, and see more images of the M-24 bags. There are also hyper links to Mat’s social media, his website, and where to buy.

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