Redecorating tips are devoured by home lovers who have ‘The Block’ and ‘Fixer Upper’ on speed dial. We all love a beautifully decorated home but perhaps don’t give the process much thought. It doesn’t just ‘happen’ but it can happen for you.

Your home is likely to be a really comfortable place to live. After all, one of the core functions of a home is to be functional and liveable. Perhaps you’ve spent time choosing the perfect sofa and a fabulously comfortable bed. But that’s not decorating, is it? So these redecorating tips may have you re-thinking what makes a functional and comfortable home.

Just ask yourself… have I actually decorated my home?

Most home owners are mindful of the comforts and conveniences that make a home luxurious — such as a smart home, seamless sound system or modern air-conditioning options such as those offered by

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Perhaps surprisingly, many people never actually get around to decorating their homes at all. Mismatched vintage furniture, unhung wall art, lack of suitable lighting and plenty of painting jobs are the usual suspects.

If this sounds like you, some simple redecorating tips will help.

Redecorating Tips #1: Create the kind of emotional and imaginative space you want

There’s a reason why the idea of art and “decoration” stretches back in time to the days of neolithic cavemen.

Simply put, decoration plays a crucial role in creating the emotional charge that we want a space to have. Whenever we imagine our ideal home, or at least, a place where we can feel truly comfortable and content, or thrilled and excited, we imagine certain cues that can be mirrored by our approach to decoration.

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Perhaps you’re fairly comfortable in your home already, and feel that it has the right emotional resonance as is. But perhaps tweaking the colour-scheme of your bedroom, or putting up a particular art-print in your living room, could accentuate things still further and turn “good” into “great”?

Gain inspiration from places like Pinterest and Houzz where you’ll find an abundance of images to love.

It’s a wise and productive idea to view interior decoration not just as a personal artistic exercise, but also as a form of psychology-in-action.

Redecorating Tips #2: Personalise the space and really make it feel like “yours”

Many homes feel an awful lot like they’ve come out of a box. And fairly often, they more or less have.

With prefabricated, mass-produced furniture being more common now than ever, thanks to companies such as Ikea, and with every home having more or less the same basic domestic appliances, often the only way of putting your personal stamp on your home and truly claiming it as your own, is through your choices of decoration.

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Even if you’re in a rental home — or perhaps, especially if you are — interior decoration can make all the difference between a home feeling truly like home, versus “a place to sleep”.

Easy ways to personalise a rental space include temporary wallpaper, cushions and throws, floor rugs and curtains. You can also change taps, lights, even door handles and then put back the boring rental fixtures when you leave.

Redecorating Tips #3: Make your home more welcoming to guests

People might decorate for themselves, first and foremost, but they also decorate to make their homes into welcoming, attractive, and impressive places for their guests.

When you invite friends over for a dinner party or even a barbecue, you’ll want to make a memorable impression. To an almost incalculable degree, the way you decorate your home will affect the experience that other people have while there.

redecorating tips

Decorate for yourself, but remember that it will make an impression on other people, too.

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