For most people in the world, it’s safe to say that autumn is officially here! Love or hate it,  autumn is undoubtedly a beautiful time of year that brings rich colours, comforting warm food, cosy nights in with loved ones, not to mention Halloween!

Alongside the usual exciting festivities that autumn brings, this vibrant season also usually comes with the need for a wardrobe refresh. Here’s what makes autumn one of the best seasons for fashion choices!

Sweater Weather

If you haven’t already seen all over your social media feeds, sweater weather is back! What would Autumn be without chunky knits and cute cardigans? Getting dressed for warmer weather can sometimes be time consuming – in autumn, throwing on a cosy sweater with your favourite jeans is an easy match made in heaven that works every time. Likewise, faux fur jackets are a staple autumnal piece as an easy way to make a fashion statement. 

Cute Jackets

While most people experience the chill in autumn, in some areas of the world, the sun does tend to peak through to surprise us. If you are somebody who finds it hard to abandon your beloved summer wardrobe, investing in a comfortable jacket or coat can allow you to keep on wearing your favourite dresses, jumpsuits and skirts to keep the warmer months with you. The end result is an effortlessly stunning autumnal outfit that you can throw on time and time again! If the weather takes an unexpected scorching turn during the day, you’ll be able to easily take your jacket off and show off your summer-inspired outfit once more. Just because summer has officially come and gone, it doesn’t mean that sunglasses are banned either!  If you’re looking for some sunglasses inspiration to compliment your autumnal outfits, you can find it easily here

Chunky Boots 

Unless you live in a warmer climate, flip flops and open-toe shoes aren’t usually the best choice of footwear during autumn. Nothing says autumn like a new pair of chunky boots! Ankle boots, high-heeled boots, over-the-knee boots… the list goes on. Over-the-knee boots can be perfectly paired with mini-dresses and skirts, while ankle boots can add stylish flair to outfits with jeans. Not only are autumnal boots fashionable, but they’re also completely fit for purpose for the changing weather too! Non-heeled boots can be a sturdy and comfortable choice resilient to muddy and rainy autumnal walks.


Milder weather calls for cosy accessories. Oversized scarves, leather gloves, comfy beanie hats and dainty gold jewellery can help to transform a plain outfit into an autumnal dream! As well as providing a head-turning fashionable advantage, autumnal accessories such as these will also of course keep you warm and toasty while the temperatures begin to drop. What’s more, just like an autumnal jacket or coat, scarves, bobble hats, and gloves can easily be taken off if the weather decides to change throughout the day. 

Print Mixing

Print mixing makes autumn one of the most fashionable seasons to dress for. Be bold and dare to mix popular prints such as leopard, plaid, or polka dot to snap some pictures for the world to see! With the right choice of styling, you’ll be able to rock clashing prints. If print mixing isn’t your thing, styling one bold print with a minimalist perspective can really work too. Try the likes of an animal print sweater with a black leather skirt, or plaid trousers with a white turtleneck top. 


Of course, cooler weather isn’t for everyone. If you want to beat the cold weather elements, autumn offers the chance to layer up your outfits. Not only is layering up comfortable, but it’s also a fun way to create and experiment with chic new looks! Layering doesn’t have to look bulky or uncomfortable – try pairing cute longer-length tops over the likes of leggings, skinny jeans, or a leather skirt with tights. While dresses are without a doubt a staple for blazing summer days, did you know that with the right style adjustments, they can also make for a gorgeous outfit choice for autumn, too? Try to mix and match by throwing over a belted-blazer, a cable-knit sweater on top, or a long-sleeved top that adds a comfortable layer while defining your figure. If this still isn’t enough layers for the chill in the air, try adding your favourite autumn jacket, fine accessories, and a pair of comfortable boots to complete your outfit. 

Richer colours

There’s something so innate about being drawn to the richer colours of the changing autumnal leaves and using them in our outfit choices. Autumn allows us to wear colours that we wouldn’t usually pick out during the warmer months, such as earthy tones and rich shades like gold, plum, burgundy or  turquoise. These regal colours look gorgeous on all skin tones and will be sure to add autumnal spirit to any outfit. 


Leggings shouldn’t have to be reserved for just lounge wear, yoga classes or when you’re jetting off on a long-haul flight. Dressed up or dressed down, leggings can be a comfortable and chic fashion staple in autumn to pair with statement jewels, glam jumpers and even heels! When paired with the right pieces, leggings look flattering on all frames and can create the perfect balance between comfort and style during the chillier months. Try the likes of black, navy, khaki, or burgundy toned leggings to totally nail autumn’s relaxed and laid-back feel. 


With a new season comes the perfect excuse to reinvent your bag game. Now is the time to start switching out vibrant tote or straw bags for defined shoulder bags, handbags, and crossbody bags with autumnal palettes. Bags can often be a forgotten accessory to help transform outfits from looking washed out to glam in an instant.. If you’re a big fan of an effortless look, try pairing statement shoes of the same colour with your new bag, or add a pop of colour by matching your bag with your favourite lipstick or eyeshadow!